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"Mud, glorious mud!"
— Alfie

A Happy Day for Percy, originally titled Byron Saves the Day, is a Jack and the Pack episode.


Byron is disappointed when his hard work is being ignored. However, when Max and Monty's reckless behaviour causes a water pump to burst and Alfie becomes trapped in thick mud, Byron rushes to the rescue and finally gets the attention he deserves.




  • The original title for this episode was going to be "Byron Saves the Day," although that title is still listed on Virgin TV Anytime's website.
  • The line "Mud, Glorious Mud!" comes from the chorus of the popular Flanders and Swann song "The Hippopotamus."
  • This episode marks Byron's last speaking role to date.
  • This is the first and only episode of Jack and the Pack where Thomas does not appear.


  • The re-title of this episode is misleading as nothing particularly pleasant happens to Percy.
  • When Byron is cutting out the trench, his treads keep moving after he stops.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Ein glücklicher Tag für Percy A Happy Day for Percy
Dutch Een gelukkige dag voor Percy A Lucky Day for Percy

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