"Ha ha! Roads are best! Rip up the railways! Don't you agree, Emily?"
"Och! Don't be such a silly rumble-roller!
— George and Emily

A Special Shelter is a magazine story.


Emily must collect Rocky and a works truck to remove an old, disused siding in the countryside. When they arrive, Emily spies an old wooden hut. The driver explains that it is a small signalbox which they must take away too. Emily thinks that the shed looks rather cosy and it would be a shame to waste it. Just then, Emily spots George who has repaired the road near a bus stop. After making a rude remark about railways, George's steering locks and he crashes into the nearby bus stop. He comes to a noisy halt with a cloud of steam, covered in bits of the broken stop.

It begins to rain and George's driver is worried; now Bertie's passengers have to wait for the bus in the rain as it would take days to replace the broken shelter. Emily has an idea and she puffs over to the old signalbox where workmen tie strong ropes around it. Meanwhile, the mess of a bus shelter is cleared away. When everything is ready, Rocky moves the old signalbox into the spot where the bus shelter had stood. Emily is pleased that the old hut is being put to good use. George admits that sometimes railways can be really useful for road-users too.