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Adventures is a Thomas and Friends die-cast toy range produced by Fisher-Price and the successor to the Take-n-Play range. The design of both the engines and vehicles is exactly the same as the Collectible Railway range, while the track system is different from those of either Take-n-Play or Collectible Railway.

The range differs from Take-n-Play in that, while Take-n-Play sets were often somewhat realistic, Adventures sets primarily feature fantasy scenarios, which are highlighted on the packaging as having shorts on the official YouTube channel based off of them.

Fisher-Price have advised that adapters to connect Adventures sets to the Take-n-Play sets are available and can be obtained by contacting Fisher-Price directly.



Rolling Stock




Special Edition Engines


  • Original Thomas
  • Streamlined Thomas
  • Stanley in Space



  • Diamond Run 4-Pack (includes; Rosie, Ashima, Gina and a truck)
  • Jack and The Pack 4-Pack (includes; Jack, Oliver, Thomas and a truck)
  • Sodor Celebration 4-Pack (includes; Thomas, Annie, Clarabel and Sir Topham Hatt's car)
  • Dieselworks Fix-Up 4-Pack (includes; Diesel, Dart, Den and a truck)
  • Construction 4-Pack
  • Rubbish 4-Pack
  • Railway Search & Rescue 4-Pack (includes; Philip, Harold, Butch and a truck)
  • Passenger Pick-Up 4-Pack (includes; Thomas, Annie, Clarabel, and a truck)
  • Thomas' Favorite Friends (includes; Winston, Captain, Victor, Percy, Butch, Bertie, Diesel, Harold, Thomas and Kevin)

Talking Engines/Vehicles


  • Space Mission Thomas
  • Dino Discovery James
  • Shark Escape Salty
  • Pirate Quest Diesel

Light-Up Racers


  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • Rosie
  • Stanley

Train Makers


  • Construction
  • Racer
  • Monster



  • Tidmouth Sheds
  • Space Mission Rover
  • Shark Escape Playset
  • Misty Island Zip-Line Playset
  • Jungle Quest Playset
  • Thomas' Big Dino Delivery
  • Percy at the Rescue Centre
  • Engine Maker
  • Charlie's Day at the Quarry
  • Reg and the Scrapyard
  • Salty at the Docks
  • Thomas at the Rescue Centre
  • Charlie at Ulfstead Castle
  • Sea Monster Pirate Set
  • On-the-Go Playbox
  • Steamies Fuel and Go
  • Cranky at the Docks
  • Spiral Tower Tracks with Thomas
  • Spiral Tower Tracks with Percy
  • Spiral Tower Tracks with Diesel

Track Packs


  • Curves and Straights Track Pack
  • Bridges and Curves Track Pack
  • Space Mission Track Pack
  • Shark Escape Track Pack


  • The engine models are the same as those of the Collectible Railway, and 2014-onwards Take-n-Play. As such, they share many of the same characteristics, including:
    • Edward, Henry and Merlin are incorrectly depicted as 2-6-0's.
    • Henry and Ferdinand are incorrectly depicted with Fowler tenders.
    • Gordon is depicted with a 0-6-2 wheel arrangement.
    • Hiro, Spencer, Connor, Belle and Caitlin are depicted with a 2-6-2 wheel configuration.
  • Many of the tender engines have the red strip (chocolate for Emily), above their wheels, much like their Take-n-Play counterparts and unlike their Collectible Railway models which had the strip the same color as the tender itself.
  • Gina has her nameplate only on her right (viewer's left) side.
    • This also occurs with Ryan's original TrackMaster model.
  • Trevor's wheels are grey instead of red. Much like his Take Along predecessor.
  • Hugo's wheels are black instead of blue.
    • His propeller also has three blades instead of four blades.
  • Diesel's face is printed on, much like on the Minis toy range.
  • In the Monster Maker Train Pack prototype, Gator is seen wearing a duplicate middle piece from Max.
  • Track and magnet adapters were made so people can use the Take Along/Take-n-Play tracks and the 2014 Take-n-Play engines with the Adventures engines.
  • The Talking Space Mission Thomas' space helmet is either re-used from or exactly the same as the Stanley in Space model.
  • Space Mission Thomas, Dino Discovery James, Pirate Quest Diesel and Shark Escape Salty are all US and AUS-exclusives.
  • Timothy's promotional image depicts him with a full red buffer beam, similar to his Take-n-Play counterpart, but the produced item incorrectly has the red coloring on the bottom half with the top half being blue.
  • The Space Mission Thomas, Dino Discovery James, Pirate Quest Diesel and Shark Escape Salty models all use their molds from the pre-2014 era of Take-n-Play with the exclusion of the wheel configuration.
    • They even feature the same voices as their Take-n-Play counterparts.
  • The generic (i.e. faceless) rolling stock's coupling hooks are black and do not rotate.
  • Kevin is shown to have a front coupling and rail wheels, inaccurately depicting him as a rail runner much like his Take-n-Play predecessor.
  • The prototype Light-Up Racer engines only have a front light, making them similar to their Take-n-Play predecessors, while the produced models just have a coupler in front.
  • The Shark Escape Track Pack and Space Mission Track Pack are re-themed variants of the Bridges and Bends Track Pack and the Curves and Straights Track Pack respectively.
  • Theo is missing his name plate.
  • Merlin's Running board is re-used from Henry's.

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