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Several animals have appeared in the Railway Series, the television series, the annual stories and the magazine stories.

Animals in the Railway Series

This section is for animals that first or only appeared in the Railway Series, listed in chronological order:

The Goat


The Fat Controller once leaned out of a carriage window to cheer for Edward and Henry when they were pulling the express, but his black top-hat was blown from his head and landed into a field where a goat quickly ate it up.

Another goat (possibly the same one) later appeared in the twentieth season episode, Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks, where The Fat Controller threw his unwanted safari hat to the goat, only to find out the goat didn't want it either.


Railway Series

Television Series

River Fish


When Thomas took on water from the River Els, some river fish got into the bucket used to fill Thomas' tank and as a result were boiled in Thomas' tank, causing the little blue tank engine severe pains. They were later fished out and eaten by Thomas' crew, the Fat Controller and an inspector.


Railway Series

Television Series

Music Videos

Circus Animals


When the circus visited Sodor in Troublesome Engines, they brought several animals along with them that were needed for the circus, like elephants, bears, horses and camels.


Railway Series

Television Series


Circus Elephant


When the circus train had left, an elephant owned by them had escaped from the train and was later discovered in Henry's Tunnel. Henry encountered him while investigating a block in the tunnel. The workmen then gave him four buckets of water to drink, but Henry startled the elephant when he let off steam and in return was squirted with water.


Railway Series

Television Series




When Edward was once taking some cattle trucks to the market, he passed a field where some cattle was grazing. The cattle broke through the fence and ran onto the line, where they suddenly snapped the couplings of Edward's train. Poor Edward did not realise it until he finally reached the station.


Railway Series

Television Series



"Well, well, well! Two big engines afraid of a cow?"
Edward teasing Henry and Gordon, Cows

After her calf was taken to market, Bluebell mournfully trotted onto the bridge at Hawin Russagh, stopping Gordon and Henry from passing and she did not move until Percy came along with her calf in a cattle truck. Bluebell was happy to see her calf and they both fled away.


Railway Series

Television Series


  • In the Railway Series, Bluebell was white with black spots, but in the television series and a magazine story, she was brown.


"You know he's harmless and I know he's harmless, but does he know?"
Daisy, Bulls Eyes

An inquisitive bull who was angry, had once strayed from some farm labourers and ran away. He eventually came across the railway and seeing grass on either side, began to eat. Daisy tried to shoo him away, but was intimidated by Champion and backed away, until Toby came and frightened him away.


Railway Series

Television Series

Voice Actors

Mike's Cow

"Get out of my way, you silly animal!"
Mike, Mike's Whistle

When a cow strayed onto the line, Mike tried to 'shoo' her away by whistling. However, all that happened was that his whistle shot off into the sky. The passengers and crew tried looking for it, but to no avail.


Railway Series

Television Series


"Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!"
Duck, Buzz, Buzz

When James was preparing to take the express, Fred and Bert, the two porters were carefully taking a trolley with a beehive to the front van. Unfortunately, because the platform was crowded, Fred bumped into an old lady and the beehive fell and everyone swarmed out of the station. The bees were very cold and needed some place nice and warm and the only place they could find was James. However, one bee burned his feet and thought James did it on purpose. So it stung James back on his nose. After that, James stormed off to get rid of the bees.

The bees appeared in the third season episode Buzz, Buzz. In the episode, the beehive was to be taken to the Vicar. After James got stung, he and his crew tried different ways to get rid of them (for example, spinning around on a turntable, washing them off at a water tower and smoking them away in a tunnel). Still, the bees did not go away. James' driver suggested to take the bees to a new hive at the Vicarage orchard, which worked.

It is assumed that the bee who stung James died as after bees sting, they lose their stingers and die.


Another group of bees appeared in the thirteenth season episode, Buzzy Bees when Thomas had to take some beehives to Farmer Trotter. Hiro advised him to go through the Whistling Woods, but Thomas decided to take the track that went through the meadow. This caused a calamity for Thomas as the bees escaped out of their hives. Hiro then told Thomas that he could take his truck of flowers to attract the bees away from the field and take them directly to Farmer Trotter.

This group of bees made numerous appearances.


Railway Series

Television Series


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"I'd rather be as right as rain than as wrong as ice!"
— Dilly, Surprise Adventures


After Donald teased Duck about his "quacking", Duck's crew got revenge by slipping a small duckling into Donald's tender. When discovered, she became friends with Donald and his crew and eventually settled down at Haultraugh, where a small pond was nearby. She was named Dilly by the stationmaster, but she is known to everyone else as Donald's duck.

Dilly appeared in the third season episode, Donald's Duck and instead of settling down at Haultraugh, she stays at Tidmouth Hault. She appeared twice in the annuals, in Donald's Duck (annual story) and Gordon's Stowaway. She appeared in the song Donald's Duck which was dedicated to her. She also appeared cameo in the song Gone Fishing.

In the annual, she disappeared for a few months, only to return to the station with her husband and children in tow.


Railway Series

Television Series

Music Videos


Bulgy's Hens


After Bulgy was turned into a hen house, these hens took up residence in him. When Bulgy was eventually restored, the hens sneaked back in and roosted in his luggage racks. When Bulgy swerved suddenly the next morning, the hens woke up and caused chaos inside him.

It is unknown whether or not the chickens ever received a replacement hen house.


Railway Series

Television Series


  • One of the Hens' figurines is currently on display at Drayton Manor.

The Spider

This spider spun a web in the basement of the Knapford Junction signal box before moving on to greener pastures. However, her web caused a problem on the day of the Golden Jubilee, as it shorted the electrics in the signal box just minutes before Pip and Emma came into the Junction with the guests.


Railway Series



Daisy once brought several crates of eels up to Ffarquhar for a restaurant. Unfortunately, a boy accidentally knocked a crate onto the platform, causing the eels to fall onto the line and give Daisy such a fright that she blew a fuse.


Railway Series

The Swan


An injured swan was found on a bridge on Thomas' Branch Line. It was thought that it collided with a parapet on the bridge. The inspector covered the swan with his coat in Thomas' cab and at the next station, he took the swan to the vet in his car. The swan had a broken wing and after it was reset, it resided in the vet's garden until it was strong enough to fly. Then Thomas took it back to the river where it was set free.


Railway Series

Animals in the television series

This section is for animals that only appeared in the television series:

The Toad

This article is about 'the animal'. You may be looking for 'the brakevan'.

In the third season episode, Trust Thomas, this toad witnessed Thomas crashing and sinking on a jetty and later hitched a ride on his valence.


Television Series

Music Videos



In the fifth season episode, Gordon and the Gremlin, Gordon had problems with his fire, the fire-lighter suggested the cause is gremlins and later collected a special passenger. At Wellsworth, the passenger's Dalmatian ran away and after confronting a bull, ran into Thomas' cab. At Brendam, Thomas enquired about the visitor and the Fat Controller revealed she is his mother, who then aptly renames her dog "Gremlin". He also appeared in Lady Hatt's Birthday Party near Callan station with two women as the Fat Controller drove by in his car.


Television Series

Voice Actors


  • Gremlin's original name is not known, as it was never said.

The Bull


This bull was once grazing in a field close to Wellsworth when Gordon blew his whistle so loudly that it frightened Gremlin the dog, who ran into the field where the bull frightened Gremlin even more. Elizabeth was once taking this bull when Duncan frightened it with his whistle, Thomas had to also take this bull when he got stuck in a landslide and Percy had to rescue him. The bull was also grazing in another field where Max and Monty fell into while racing Buster; the bull had also frightened them and they quickly drove out of the field and drove quickly away.

Another bull appeared in the nineteenth season episode, The Beast of Sodor. When the Fat Controller got himself covered in snow, he wiped his eyes and opened them to see the bull standing in front of him; he ran away with the bull chasing after him, until he managed to escape and the bull finally gave up.


Television Series

Music Videos


  • The Bull's figurine is currently on display at Drayton Manor.
  • Despite always having a ring around its nose, the bull was once seen without its ring.

Hungry Ram


Percy once encountered this ram on the line. It was lured away by the driver with some cabbage. When Maithwaite station was later vandalised and several boys were trapped in the waiting room with the ram, it was suspected to be the culprit, but the terrified boys confessed it was their fault and promised to help clean up. The Fat Controller gave the ram a pumpkin as a reward, but his top-hat was blown away by Harold and was munched up by the ram. The Fat Controller, happily, made light of the situation.

It is believed that the ram is owned by Jem Cole, as he is seen collecting the prize pumpkin for the ram.


Television Series

Music Videos

Voice Actors

The Wise Old Owl

"It's just your imagination, Look! It's just The Wise Old Owl"
— Lyrics from Boo! Boo! Choo-Choo

The Wise Old Owl is a owl that likes to hoot in the night. It usually scares the engines at first until they figure out where the sound is coming from. It only appeared is the sixth season song, Boo! Boo! Choo-Choo and the deleted scene from the episode Scaredy Engines.


Television Series

Music Videos



Mutt is Billy Twofeathers's British golden-doodle dog, who appeared in the film, Thomas and the Magic Railroad. He was played by two dogs, Bently and Dita.


Television Series



Patch's Horse


Patch's Horse is a horse owned by Patch, who appeared in the film, Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


Television Series




When Allicia Botti came to Island of Sodor, Thomas was chosen to take her with Annie and Clarabel. While being cleaned, a strange squeak came from the coaches. It kept up as Thomas went to Brendam and when he arrived, it was found that a small mouse had found its way into Clarabel's compartment. Because Thomas didn't feel important anymore, Percy took over. The mouse was given a mouse hole in Tidmouth Sheds and was named Allicia by Thomas.

Allicia only appeared in the sixth season episode, Thomas, Percy and the Squeak.

It is unknown whether or not Allicia stayed through the renovation of Tidmouth Sheds in Calling All Engines! and whether or not she remains there.


Television Series

Sir Topham Hatt's Cat


The Fat Controller owns a tuxedo cat, as seen in two episodes. It was later mentioned as being Lady Hatt's cat in the twelfth season episode, Saved You!.


Television Series



Pegasus is a cart horse who lives on a farm near Dryaw Airfield. After he foolishly wandered into a ditch, Harold winched him to safety. However, Percy saw Pegasus being pulled through the air and thought that Pegasus was flying.

Pegasus only appeared in the seventh season.


Television Series


  • A production made miniature model of Pegasus was sold to The Coffey Man Preservation from The Prop Gallery.



Katie is Farmer McColl's Border Collie dog, who often appears with him. She is timid around noisy engines when she is on her own. She often attends country shows with her owner.


Television Series



  • Katie was not named until Season 15.
  • One of Katie's models is currently on display at Drayton Manor.

Miss Jenny's Dog


Miss Jenny owns a black dog that usually accompanies her at various yards and sites with the Sodor Construction Company. It first appeared in the sixth season.


Television Series



  • Miss Jenny's dog's figurine is currently on display at Drayton Manor.


The Mole Family


In the Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode, Thomas and the Moles, as Buster flattened the mole hills on the football field, a family of moles watched him from side lines and commented on how well he does his job.


Television Series


  • One of the miniature moles (production made) was sold to The Coffey Man Preservation from The Prop Gallery.

Cat and Kittens


Alfie helped saved a mother cat and her kittens from a collapsing building in the Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode, Alfie Has Kittens.


Television Series

Seal Family


These seals live at Black Loch and were thought to be monsters by James until Emily found them after she was blocked by a rock slide.

Their first appearance was in the eighth season episode, Emily's New Route and they were seen again in CGI in the twelfth season episode, Toby's Special Surprise.


Television Series


Norramby Beach owns a donkey used for giving children rides.


Television Series

Golden Eagles


Two Golden Eagles were spotted on the Island. They are very rare birds and birdwatchers came from miles around for a chance to see them. They were first spotted at Bluff's Cove and then on Gordon's Hill, but Thomas did not see them. That evening, as Thomas and Percy were puffing home, they spotted two golden eagles perched on a cliff-top. The two engines thought the eagles were wonderful - but not as wonderful as helping each other.

They appeared in the ninth season episode, Thomas and the Golden Eagle.


Television Series



There are several dinosaur skeletons found on Sodor.

A group of archaeologists once discovered a dinosaur skeleton in the mountains near the Skarloey Railway. Rheneas had to take it to the Transfer Yards, but it was too heavy for him, so Skarloey helped him.

Another dinosaur skeleton was discovered by Oliver when he was digging trenches for a new school.

While Thomas was working at the Clay Pits, he spotted a footprint of which he thought was a monster. After James caused another landslide at the quarry, he and Percy saw the remains of the "monster" and Marion told them it was a dinosaur fossil. The complete skeleton is seen at the Town Square.

The dinosaur that Rheneas was taking was a Stegosaurus, while the one Oliver found was a Triceratops and the dinosaur at the Clay Pits was a Megalosaurus.

Alice's Dog


Alice, the girl who lives at High Farm, owns a Border Collie dog.

Thomas the Piglet


One of Farmer Trotter's newborn piglets took a shine to Thomas, so, Farmer Trotter named him Thomas.

He is seen in the thirteenth season episode, Thomas and the Pigs. He may have also made a cameo with the other piglets in the thirteenth season episode, Hiro Helps Out.

The Sodor Warbler


The Sodor Warbler is a rare, brightly coloured yellow bird. Bird watchers come from far and wide to see it. It now resides on a nesting pole at Bluff's Cove.

It is seen in the thirteenth season episode, Henry's Good Deeds, the fourteenth season episode, Thomas and Scruff and the fifteenth season episodes, Happy Hiro and Stuck on You. The Sodor Warbler is also seen in the 2014 magazine story, Henry's Forest, in which the forest where they live is given a protected status.

The Giraffe


The giraffe was transported from the docks to its new home at the Sodor Animal Park. Thomas was too impatient to wait for the giraffe's keeper and as a result, the giraffe would not do as it was told.

It is seen in the fourteenth season episode, Thomas' Tall Friend and again a few times in the seventeenth season episode, Steamie Stafford and the eighteenth season episodes, Spencer's VIP and Emily Saves the World.

The Snowy Owl


The snowy owl resides in the Whistling Woods and is a friend of Thomas. Toby used to be scared of the noise it made until he found out who was making the noise. Toby now thinks the bird is beautiful. The owl later appeared in the special, Tale of the Brave.

It appeared in the fourteenth season episode, Toby and the Whistling Woods. It also appeared in the seventeenth season episodes, The Phantom Express and The Smelly Kipper.

The Rat


The rat lives at the Sodor Dieselworks where it was abandoned.

It only appeared in the special, Day of the Diesels.



Seagull is Cranky's seagull friend. He is given the name Seagull (by Cranky) because he is, obviously, a seagull. Cranky once got cross with Percy for being too loud and scaring Seagull away.

He appeared in the fifteenth season episode, Percy's New Friends.

Mr. Rabbit


Mr. Rabbit is a wild rabbit who lives in the Whistling Woods. Percy once scared him away whilst trying to make friends with him. Percy later apologised to him and he enjoyed a ride back to Tidmouth Sheds with Percy.

He appeared in the fifteenth season episode, Percy's New Friends.

The Squirrels


The Two Squirrels, referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel by Percy, are two lively squirrels who live in the Whistling Woods. Percy once scared them away, but later made friends with them.

They appeared in the fifteenth season episode, Percy's New Friends.

Mr. Bird


Mr. Bird is, of course, a bird. Percy once tried to make friends with him, but only succeeded in frightening him away. Later, once Percy had learnt how to approach wild animals quietly, he became friends with Percy and he enjoyed a ride on Percy's buffer back to Tidmouth Sheds.

He appeared in the fifteenth season episode, Percy's New Friends.

The Lost Sheep


The lost sheep was saved by Harold after it was found stranded on a lonely hilltop.

It appeared in the fifteenth season episode, Edward the Hero.

The Cow


This cow was first seen stranded on the line in the twelfth season episode, Thomas and the Billboard, which caused Thomas to suddenly switch tracks. The cow later appeared in the fifteenth season episode, Wonky Whistle, where the cow was transported to the country fair by Thomas. Unfortunately, Thomas scared the cow away when he blew his whistle at Maithwaite. It was later coaxed back into its van with the help of some straw. It was then put on display at the fair.

Farmer McColl's Ducks


Farmer McColl's Ducks were transported to the country fair by Thomas. However, when Thomas whistled to Bertie's passengers, he scared the ducks, who escaped through the open door of his van. They were later coaxed back into the van with the help of some seed. They were later put on display at the fair.

The ducks appeared in the fifteenth season episode, Wonky Whistle.



The Crows ate Farmer McColl's newly planted seeds when his scarecrow was broken. Thomas was given the job of being the new scarecrow and chased after a pair of crows. Whilst he was chasing the two crows, the rest gathered in Farmer McColl's Field. Later, Thomas guarded the field overnight and Farmer McColl had his old scarecrow fixed by the morning.

The crows appeared in the sixteenth season episode, Thomas Toots the Crows.

The Crab


An orange crab appeared in the seventeenth season episode, Kevin's Cranky Friend and the nineteenth season episodes, Toad and the Whale and Salty All At Sea. Two identical crabs also appeared in the twenty-first season episode, New Crane on the Dock.

Luke's Deer

"What was that?"
"I'm not sure. It just ran out in front of me".
"It was a deer".
"That's right. And a young'un too by the look of it!
— Luke, Rheneas, Rusty and Sir Handel, Luke's New Friend, seventeenth season

Luke's Deer was first found at the Blue Mountain Quarry by Rheneas. The baby deer was very frightened of the quarry and seemed to trust Luke. The other engines tried to tell Luke that the quarry is no place for a deer, but Luke did not listen to them. During a trip to Ulfstead Castle in Luke's cab, the deer spotted its mother and ran to her. Luke was very sad to say goodbye to his deer friend, but knew that he can regularly visit it at the castle and was pleased that the deer is now reunited with its mother. How the deer came to the Blue Mountain Quarry is unknown. Both the deer and its mother now reside in the park at Ulfstead Castle.

Luke's deer appeared in the seventeenth season episode, Luke's New Friend. A deer, possibly the same one, was also seen in the grounds of Ulfstead Castle in the seventeenth season episode, The Switch. A deer also appears in the special, The Adventure Begins.

Animal Park Elephant


The Elephant resides at the Sodor Animal Park. She once escaped and was found by Charlie, but after all of his joking, no-one would believe him. Eventually, Charlie reported the elephant to Harold who took him seriously. The elephant was found and returned to its enclosure.

The Elephant appeared in the seventeenth season episode, Not Now, Charlie!, the eighteenth season episode, Emily Saves the World and the nineteenth season episode, The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead. Timothy spoke about it in the special, Tale of the Brave.

The Woodpecker

"Seeing a rare bird is not an emergency!"
Thomas' guard, Thomas and the Emergency Cable, eighteenth season

The Woodpecker is a very rare bird who was being looked for by a bird watcher. The bird can usually be found around Thomas' Branch Line. The bird watcher finally spotted the rare bird at Maithwaite where it was boring a hole into a tree near the station.

The Woodpecker appeared in the eighteenth season episode, Thomas and the Emergency Cable.

The Whale


The Whale was beached at Bluff's Cove. When Toad noticed it, he tried to tell Oliver about it, but Oliver did not take him seriously. Oliver eventually believed Toad when he spotted the whale on the beach and the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre were informed about the situation. Butch tried to tow it back into the water, but the tide was too far out; if Butch attempted to pull the whale all the way to the water, it would die. The whale was then covered up to prevent it from being hurt by the hot sun, while Belle and Flynn sprayed it with water. Toad then thought of the idea to take the whale to Brendam Docks on a flatbed. Cranky lifted it into the water and the whale was now able to go out to sea again.

The whale appeared in the nineteenth season episode, Toad and the Whale.

Animals in the Annuals and Magazine Stories

This section is for animals that only appeared in the annuals and magazines:

The Horse


The Horse was injured during an accident and was taken to a farm on Thomas' Branch Line to get better. Each day, the horse would run alongside Thomas as he puffed past and each time he would be able to keep up a little better until he eventually jumped over the hedge at the end of the field. The horse was then well enough to return home. He appeared in the 1988 magazine story, Thomas and the Horse.

Gerald and Sally


Gerald and Sally are two giraffes that reside at the Sodor Wildlife Park. Percy is especially fond of Gerald and Sally as he was the one that first brought them to the park. They appeared in the 1989 magazine story, The Escape.

The Lion


The Lion resides at the Wildlife Park on Sodor. He once caused a panic when he escaped from the park. He was found standing on the railway line by Percy. Luckily the Wildlife Park's manager and two gamekeepers were on Percy's train on their way to notify the chief of police about the lion's escape. The lion is then shot with a tranquillizer gun and put into the guard's van. The lion is then taken back to the park. He appeared in the 1989 magazine story, The Escape.


This article is about 'the parrot'. You may be looking for the tank engine, the Vicar, the little boy, the Story Library book' or the Engine Adventures book'.
"Well done, well done!"
— Charlie mimicking the Fat Controller


Charlie is a parrot. He once escaped whilst his owner was cleaning his cage. He went to the main station yard, where he confused Percy by talking. None of the other engines believed that Percy had seen a talking bird, until they saw Charlie for themselves. His owner then came to the main station to collect him. He appeared in the 1993 magazine story, Percy and the Parrot!

The Magpie


The Magpie took Dave the guard's whistle while building a nest on a station's roof on Thomas' Branch Line. Dave and Thomas' driver had searched everywhere for the whistle, but Thomas noticed the magpie on the station roof and he knew that magpies have a tendency to take shiny objects. The Magpie appeared in the 1995 magazine story, Thomas and the Missing Whistle.

The Camels


In the magazine story The Camel Train, these camels helped Percy by taking the cargo to the wildlife park after when he broke down.



Mickey is a monkey who resides at the Animal Rescue Centre. One day he escaped and travelled on Annie's roof to Wellsworth, stole a lady's hat and sat on the station roof. Thomas' driver tempted the wayward monkey down with fruit and he was soon recaptured. He appeared in the 1996 magazine story Monkey Business!

The Wallcreeper


The Wallcreeper is a rare bird spotted on the Island of Sodor. It is most commonly seen at the quarry. It appeared in the 1996 magazine story Proud Mavis!


This article is about 'the dog'. You may be looking for 'the tank engine or the Story Library book'.

Billy is a dog that belongs to a family. Whilst the family was on holiday, Billy ran away. It turned out that he went to a Butcher's shop because he loves bones. He appeared in the 1998 magazine story, Billy's Bones!

The Killer Whale


The Killer Whale was once washed ashore on a beach at Duck's Branch Line. Duck was the first to spot the endangered whale and his driver phoned the R.S.P.C.A at the next station. There was no shortage of volunteers to help save the whale including a train-load of footballers and a bus-load of strong farmers. Harold even helped to film the rescue for television. When the R.S.P.C.A. arrived, all the volunteers assisted in getting the whale back into the sea with the help of a special stretcher. The whale was soon swimming away, healthy and happy. It appeared in the 1998 magazine story, The Beached Whale!


This article is about 'the parrot'. You may be looking for the diesel engine.
"All aboard! All change! Full steam ahead!"
— Fred


Fred is a red and green parrot who now resides at the children's zoo. Thomas had to take Fred to his new home, but the talkative parrot caused a great deal of confusion when he mimicked the guard and driver's voices and used railway phrases. However, Fred saved the day when Thomas and his driver forgot a very special job. The parrot, using the Fat Controller's voice, reminded Thomas and the driver that they had to pick up a surprise parcel for Lady Hatt from the harbour. After this, Thomas was sorry to see Fred go. Fred picked up his railway terminology from his time spent at the main station. Fred appeared in the 1998 magazine story, Potty Parrot!


"Fetch, Rick!"
— The guard ordering Rick to fetch the Fat Controller's timetable

Rick is a dog belonging to Thomas' guard. He is very well trained and every morning he collects the newspaper from the paper-boy and takes it to his master. The guard thinks a lot of Rick and takes him with him whenever he is off duty. One of Rick's favourite places to play catch with a ball is the common. Rick once helped to catch the Fat Controller's new timetable when the wind blew it away.

Rick appeared in the 2001 magazine story, Rick's Tricks.



Playful is a pony belonging to a little girl named Sophie. Playful often competes in horse shows and seems to have a great affection for Percy who often brings supplies to the stable where Playful lives. Percy once had to take Playful to a horse show after the pony refused to travel inside a horse-box. Playful appeared in the 2001 magazine story, Playful Pony.

Mister Mighty


Mister Mighty is a Shire horse that works at a farm along Thomas' branch line. Once, he was replaced by Terence for a day. However, when rain fell, Terence's tread broke and the breakdown lorry got stuck in the mud, so Mister Mighty came to the rescue and the farmer immediately abandoned his plan to buy a tractor of his own to replace Mister Mighty. He appeared in the 2001 magazine story, Mister Mighty!

Lord Harry

This article is about 'the bull'. You may be looking for 'the mountain engine or the chairman of the Culdee Fell Railway'.

Lord Harry is an unfriendly bull belonging to Farmer Collett. He is named either after the mountain engine or Lord Harry Barrane, chairman of the Culdee Fell Railway. He appeared in the 2002 magazine story, Henry.


Beth is a collie sheepdog who works on a farm along Thomas' Branch Line with her owner Sam the Shepherd. She is incredibly helpful in rounding up the sheep and driving them back to the farm. While waiting to be sheared, one of the sheep jumped its pen and Beth quickly managed to get the wayward sheep back again. Beth appeared in the 2002 magazine story, Time for a Trim.


"Now it's a Hoppy New Year!"
— Edward

Hoppy is a kangaroo that resides at the Wildlife Park. He once escaped and Edward's driver aided in its recapture. Hoppy appeared in the 2004 magazine story, Hoppy New Year!



Kit is a white dog with black spots who resides with his owner in a cottage on Edward's Branch Line. Everyday, he waits in the garden to bark "hello" to Edward who stops at a nearby signal. His owner cannot get Kit inside the house until he has seen Edward. One day, a thought comes into Edward's mind - since Kit waits for him no matter the weather, he might catch a chill. So, Edward arranged with a carpenter to have a kennel built for Kit to keep him warm come rain or shine! He appears in the 2008 magazine story, Kit's Kennel.


This article is about 'the animal'. You may be looking for 'the coal hopper, the Story Library book or the episode'.
"Bump my b-buffers! I think that bull's going to charge!"


Hector is a big bull belonging to Farmer McColl. He once broke out of his wagon and strayed onto the track, where he gave Mac quite a fright. Despite his angry appearance he is quite calm and very obedient. He appeared in the 2011 magazine story, Going First.



The Badgers reside at Badgers' Way. The badgers used to run across the road in front of Bertie, but when the road was flattened, a pipe was installed beneath so that the badgers could cross the road safely. They appeared in the 2005 magazine story, Badgers' Way.



Biscuit is a horse, whose primary job is to tow broken canal boats along the canal. He appeared in the 2011 magazine story, Ready Steady Freddie.

Stationmaster's Cat


The Stationmaster's cat is a very small black cat, who scared Thomas one night with his shadow. He appeared in the 2011 magazine story, Scaredy Cat.



Sooty is a cat with a knack for trouble. Once, he jumped into Clarabel's guard's window to see the world. However, when Thomas took his carriages to a dairy factory, Sooty hopped off Clarabel and climbed onto the factory's rafters. He was saved by a fireman, who climbed up a high sail and lured the cat with fish. In the end, Sooty made a deal to stay at the shed and Thomas' driver would give him some milk and a fish daily. He appeared in the 2003 magazine story, Cat Got the Cream!

The Ginger Cat

"That cat is amazing, first it reminded Thomas what work he had to do, then it took control of the platform. Who needs the Fat Controller when we've got the Cat Controller!"
— Thomas' driver

The Ginger Cat is a tom cat who hangs around the main station. He may belong to the Fat Controller or be a station cat. When the Fat Controller and his wife took the day off to judge a pet show, the engines all wondered who would be in charge. Without a controller, Thomas could not remember what to do. When the ginger cat wandered over to a saucer of creamy milk, Thomas remembered that he was to take milk tankers to the dairy. When Thomas returned to the main station, the platform was in chaos with passengers and pets going to the pet show. Suddenly, the ginger cat sprung into action and hisses and arches his back to scare the other animals into behaving. Thomas' driver thought the cat was amazing and called him the Cat Controller. The ginger cat only appeared in the 2003 magazine story, The Cat Controller!

Big Ben


Big Ben was a rooster, who used to annoy Skarloey and Rheneas by waking them up too early. The stationmaster asked the farmer to move Big Ben's coop further away from the shed.

Thunder and Lightning


Thunder and Lightning are two horses. They were not called Thunder and Lightning, until a huge raging storm came to Sodor and frightened both horses. Thomas came up with their names and now they carry soft drinks with a two-wheeled cart.



Cleo is an elderly female cheetah that resides at the Wildlife Park. She is somewhat timid because, as the ranger says, she is more scared of the engines than the engines are of her. She appeared in the 2011 magazine story, Scaredy Cat.



Happy was a new giraffe at the Sodor Wildlife Park. It was once startled by a loud noise and ran off, but was found hiding in some trees and coaxed out by Rocky's crane arm that was disguised as another giraffe. The giraffe is now happy in its new home with other giraffes. Thomas suggested the name "Happy" as that is what Rocky made it. Its gender remains unknown. Happy appeared in the 2007 magazine story, Helpful and 'Happy'!

Horse and Foal


A horse on Sunnyhill Farm gave birth to a foal on the day of the Sodor Horse Show. The foal was delivered by a vet who was transported to the farm by James. They appeared in the 2009 magazine story, New Delivery.

The Hippo


The Hippo belongs to the Sodor Animal Park. It once escaped and was later recaptured by James with help from Harvey. It appeared in the 2011 magazine story, Animal Adventure.


"Oi! That scamp made off with my lunch!"
— A workman

Scamp is a friendly and rather mischievous red squirrel that was brought to Sodor from the Mainland for the children's zoo. When he first arrived on the island, he was frightened by a loud noise and ran off. He then went on to cause trouble all over the island. He stole workmen's pies, the peanuts from Gordon's buffet car and Lady Hatt's seed cake. The Fat Controller then found the pesky squirrel asleep inside Annie. He appeared in the 1998 magazine story, The Red Squirrel!

The Snake


The Snake was transported to the Sodor Zoo on Edward's goods train. Whilst being loaded, the guard broke the catch on the snake's basket. When the train arrived at the zoo, everyone searched all over for the snake. He was found coiled around Edward's warm funnel. He now resides at Sodor Zoo. According to his handler, the snake is completely harmless and likes to keep warm. The snake appeared in the 1998 magazine story, Snakes and Ladders!

The Tiger Cub

"Don't worry, we'll get you home safely!"
— Harold to the tiger cub

The Tiger Cub escaped from the Wildlife Park one evening. Harold and Thomas went looking for it. The first sighting of it came from a policeman at the Vicarage Orchard. When Harold went to investigate, the tiger had long-gone, but some paw prints showed that he had been inside Trevor's shed. Then, Harold's pilot received word that the tiger cub had been found at a scrapyard in Cronk. It turned out that the tiger cub had climbed inside a workman's car. Thomas took the car, with the cub inside, on his truck back to the Wildlife Park where it was safely lured into a basket. The tiger cub appeared in the 2001 magazine story, Thomas' Night Out!

Icy Blast


Icy Blast is a racehorse that Percy once took for a run in the countryside with his jockey and trainer. After his run, the jockey covered his horse in blankets. When they arrived back at the stables, the jockey and trainer gave a cold Percy some blankets of his own to keep him warm. Icy Blast appears in the 2004 magazine story, Percy Keeps Warm.

The Snake (2004)


The Snake was brought to the island by a ship. Whilst being unloading, the snake's crate was split open and it escaped. It roamed around the docks for some time while the dockyard workers tried to find it. Before being recaptured by a ranger, the snake gave Percy quite a fright. Percy then took the snake to the Sodor Wildlife Park where it now resides. Although it caused quite a scare at the docks, the snake is completely harmless. It appeared in the 2004 magazine story, Snake's Alive!

It is not to be confused with the other snake.



The Chimpanzees belong to the Sodor Wildlife Centre and were very bored and sad. One day, Arthur passed by with a truck of scrap. The rangers saw an opportunity to put the rubbish to good use and built the chimps a play area. The chimps are very happy now. The chimpanzees appeared in the 2005 magazine story, Chimps' Playtime.


"It's Tiger!"
— James

Tiger is the Tidmouth stationmaster's pet cat. Tiger once went missing and a reward of a day off was to be given to the engine who found him. The cat remained missing for over a week until James puffed out into the countryside trying to work out why he smelled so horrible. The cat, who was hiding in a nearby tree, leaped onto James' tender, drawn to the fishy smell. The cat was then returned to the stationmaster and James and his crew got the promised day off. Tiger presumably got his name because of his resemblance to a tiger. He appeared in the 2005 magazine story, Something Fishy.


This article is about 'the dog'. You may be looking for 'the diesel locomotive'.

Pip is a little terrier dog belonging to a group of walkers. She was once startled by a log falling from Henry's train and fell into a river. Luckily, the log rolled into the river too and Pip was able to scramble onto it. She floated down the narrowing river until the log was wedged between the bank and the walkers were able to save her. She appeared in the 2005 magazine story, Hooray, Henry.


"Hello, Wag! You always look very pleased to see me!"
— Thomas

Wag is a little dog who belongs to the stationmaster of a small country station on Thomas' Branch Line. He is very friendly and loves seeing Thomas. Once, he climbed into one of Thomas' mail coaches and everyone thought he was missing. Luckily, Thomas and the Fat Controller heard Wag later the same night. Wag got his name because he is always wagging his tail happily. He appeared in the 2003 magazine story, Where's Wag?


"Come on, Sugar, I'll take you home."
— Bertie's driver

Sugar is a ginger cat. One day, as Bertie was leaving his depot, the manager stopped him to tell him that there was a cat asleep on Bertie's roof. Bertie's driver fetched the cat down and an inspection of the tag on his collar revealed his name to be Sugar. Bertie's driver then took the cat home, causing Bertie's passengers to miss their connection with the express. Sugar appeared in the 2005 magazine story, Cat and Mouse.

James' Mouse

"Whoever thought a tiny mouse would cause an even bigger delay for you!"
— Bertie

A mouse was found inside a carriage of the express train by a female passenger. James was taking the express that day as Gordon was at the works. James' guard set to work trying to catch the troublesome mouse and even with the help of some other staff members, he was unable to catch the little creature. Eventually, a piece of cheese was used as bait and the mouse was caught. The express was delayed due to the fiasco, much to Bertie's delight after James had rudely remarked about a cat delaying Bertie the previous day. It is unknown what became of the mouse after being caught, but was likely released back into the wild. The mouse appeared in the 2005 magazine story, Cat and Mouse.


"Candy can jump well, she chose her own special course!"

Candy is a horse that competes at jumping events at horse shows. One day, Candy got startled and bolted from the field. She jumped over a ditch and cleared a hedge perfectly. Emily and the horse's owner quickly found Candy in another field nearby. Emily was impressed by Candy's amazing jumping skills and the fact she chose her own special course. Candy appears in the 2005 magazine story, Up and Over.

The Whale


The Whale was mistaken for the "Sea Monster of Sodor". But when it was washed up on the beach, Thomas could see that it was a whale. The alarm was raised and Harold and the workmen were working fast to try and lever the whale into the water. They succeed and Thomas is given a day off as a reward for raising the alarm. It appeared in the 2006 magazine story, Monster Mistake.

The Squirrel


The Squirrel hid in one of Duck's trucks and rode to the Docks. Once there, he mistook Cranky for a tree and climbed him. He perched on the crane's arm and it can be assumed he was coaxed down with nuts and returned to his home. It appeared in the 2006 magazine story, Surprise Visitor.

It is not to be confused with the Two Squirrels from the television series or Scamp the squirrel.

African Deer


The African Deer once broke out of its pen and ran around the Wildlife Park, making it unsafe for members of the public to enter. The deer received a fright when Thomas, dressed up to resemble a tiger, let out a roar to amuse the children. The startled deer was soon captured by the keepers. It appeared in the 2009 magazine story, Tiger Thomas.

Grizzly Bear


The Grizzly Bear escaped from the Wildlife Park. He found his way to Henry's Forest and went to sleep up a tree. Unbeknownst to the bear, the tree is situated near to Wilbert's place of rest on an old overgrown siding. While Wilbert was resting, the bear fell out of the tree, frightening poor Wilbert. The bear was soon recaptured and taken back to the Wildlife Park. The grizzly bear appeared in the 2007 magazine story, Wilbert in the Wild.


"Who's a clever boy then?"
— Chatterbox

Chatterbox is a parrot which belongs to Thomas' fireman. He once escaped and went into the station's office where he spoke into an announcer's microphone, causing chaos all over the station. Thomas guessed that Chatterbox was behind all of the confusion and the bird was soon recaptured. He appeared in the 2011 magazine story, Bird Talk.

The Reindeer


The Reindeer belongs to the Sodor Country Park and escaped one Christmas. It was found by Peter Sam and soon returned to its home. It appeared in the 2011 magazine story, Reindeer Rescue.



Ozzie is an ostrich that resides at the Sodor Wildlife Centre. He once escaped and when he was found by Thomas, he was holding the Fat Controller's missing pocket watch in his beak. He appeared in the 2012 magazine story, Bird Watch.


— Dougal

Dougal is a puppy belonging to Lord Callan. He does not like being left alone and howls until his master returns. His howling can be so loud that it echoes around Castle Loch. Percy once thought the howling noise was a ghost. Dougal appeared in the 2013 magazine story, Strange Sounds.



Cocky is a parrot who lives at Arlesburgh station. She belongs to the stationmaster's father. She appeared in the 1985 annual story, Oliver Gets the Bird.



Tabitha is a cat who stowed away on Gordon's tender while he was waiting on The Mainland, although Gordon was unaware of this until the next day when she chased away some noisy sparrows that were annoying him. She appeared in the 1986 annual story, Gordon's Stowaway.

Percy The Lamb

Percy was a newborn lamb that is named after the locomotive of the same name after the engine helped take the pregnant ewe to the vet's house during a rainstorm. Percy the lamb has a sibling, but it is unknown what his or her name is. Percy appeared in Issue 661's Bedtime Story in 2013.

The Bluebird


The Bluebird is a rare bird which only resides on Sodor. One warm day, the bird made a nest in Thomas' funnel. When it flew away, Farmer Collett decorated his old oil tank to look like Thomas and moved the nest in an effort to fool the bird. The bluebird was fooled and Thomas went on his way, but not before naming the old oil tank Bluebird, after the rare bird.

It appeared in the 2013 magazine story, Thomas and the Bluebird.


"I hope you enjoyed your ride on Joey!"
"Yes! But you're much safer, Daisy. I've never fallen off you!
— Daisy and Charlie

Joey is a horse belonging to Charlie, a young boy. Daisy once mistook Joey for a new, modern engine that Charlie used to travel to school.

Joey only appeared in the magazine story, A Different Ride.

Lucky Charm


Lucky Charm, or Lucky for short, is a dog belonging to a rescue team on Sodor. When Farmer Collett went missing, the rescue team sent out a search party and Lucky Charm had to find him.

Lucky Charm only appeared in the 2003 magazine story, Animals.


"Who's a clever boy then?"
— Chatterbox

Jess is a sheep dog belonging to a shepherd named Ben. She once rescued Ben after he got trapped in a ditch while trying to rescue a lamb. Jess alerted Thomas and his crew to come rescue him.

Jess only appeared in the magazine story, The Round-up.

The Hedgehog

"That's not a prickly pygmy pig or a prickly mouse! It's a hedgehog! I know a good place for it to live!"
— Emily's driver

The Hedgehog was found by Terence while he was ploughing a field. The hedgehog was nearly run over by Emily. Terence was not sure what the hedgehog was and thought it was a prickly mouse. Emily was sure it is a prickly pygmy pig. Emily's driver told them that the creature was a hedgehog. Terence and Emily knew that the hedgehog needed a new home as it was dangerous for it to be living close to the railway line. Emily's driver took it to a retired stationmaster's house where the hedgehog was placed in the compost heap. Very happy, the hedgehog curled up and fell asleep.

The Hedgehog appeared in the 2014 magazine story, Prickly Pig!


Star is a horse that works at the carnival with his/her owner. Little is known about the character.

Other Animals

This section is for any other animals:

The Tigers


A Tiger and her two cubs appeared in Thomas and the Tiger. When the tiger's escape from the wildlife park, Thomas rescued them and returned them to the park. The wildlife keeper named one of the cubs Thomas, in honour of the tank engine.



Dora is a tricky prize pig belonging to Farmer Joe. She once won first prize at a country show. She appeared in the book, Thomas and the Prize Pig.

Moby Dick


Moby Dick is a pet goldfish owned by a boy who lives near Shining Time Station. Stacy Jones sometimes looks after him whilst the boy is elsewhere. Mr. Conductor is the only human that Moby Dick can communicate with. He is named after the white whale in the novel written by Herman Melville.

He only appeared in the film, Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


A Rabbit left Mr. Conductor a carrot and a stick of celery and a note stating that if he eats the vegetables, they will help him think a bit better about how to get his gold dust back.

The Rabbit is not seen in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, but Mr. Conductor does hear it running away.



Beaky is Dowager Hatt's big blue parrot.

One time, She left Beaky at the Engine Driver's Common Room at Knapford for the drivers to pet-sit while she left to visit the Mainland. Unfortunately, Mr. Perkins was the only one there and had to take care of him. Beaky is very mischievous, but also very helpful to Mr. Perkins. He also tends to copy some of the lines the engines say.

He appeared in the Mr. Perkins segment "Mr. Perkins and the Parrot" from the DVD, Thomas and the Runaway Kite.


This article is about 'the seagull'. You may be looking for 'the tank engine'.

Stuart is a seagull who is a friend of Cranky.

Stuart once caused Cranky to drop some barrels of Mr. Bubbles' bubble liquid. Stuart later helped Thomas when the tank engine had an accident.

He appeared in Thomas & Friends in 4-D: Bubbling Boilers.



Whiskers is a white kitten who belongs to a young boy named Josh. Whiskers once went missing and was discovered in a treetop by Harold. With the help of Flynn and Thomas, Whiskers is eventually reunited with his owner.

He appeared in the 2018 Really Useful Stories book, The Great Rescue.