The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways makes mention of a 2ft. 3in. gauge mineral tramway connecting the mines at Cas-ny-Hawin to the port at Arlesburgh. At first the line was horse-worked but after seeing the success of the steam-powered Skarloey Railway in 1866, acquired an uncertain number of steam engines of its own.

After the tramway was bought by the committee of Peel Godred, they upgraded it to standards provided by the Board of Trade to allow regular passenger-carrying services, and eventually the tramway became part of the Mid Sodor Railway, and the Arlesdale Railway.

No descriptions were given about these engines, about how many of them there were or what eventually happened to them.


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  • It has been theorized that Tim may have originated from the Arlesdale Tramway, as the route of the old tramway eventually became part of the Mid Sodor Railway. It is even possible that the tramway could've looked to Fletcher Jennings for locomotives, as they were inspired by the Skarloey Railway to get steam locomotives in the first place! Smudger and Jennings, two examples of Fletcher Jennings Class Bb's (identical to Rheneas), could've easily been built for the tramway circa 1866.
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