"Hallo! Good day! Bonjour!"
— Axel


  • Class: NMBS/SNCB Type 12
  • Designer: Raoul Notesse
  • Builder: John Cockerill Company
  • Built: 1939
  • Configuration: 4-4-2
  • Top Speed: 103 mph

Axel is a Belgian engine who participated in the Great Railway Show. He was a contender in the Great Race.


Axel, along with the other international engines, accidentally arrived on the Island of Sodor when the ferry they were travelling on stopped at Brendam Docks instead of the Mainland. He was the engine approached by the Dock Manager to explain their presence and was informed they had got off at the wrong place. Embarrassed, Axel proceeded to order the other engines back onto the ship.

Axel competed in the Great Race alongside GordonFlying ScotsmanSpencer and Etienne. He spent the majority of the race in last place, but after Scotsman slowed to express concerns on the explosion of Gordon (known as the Shooting Star at the time)'s boiler, he managed to overtake both Gresleys and finish third. He returned home after the show was over with the other international engines (bar Ashima).


Axel is a smooth, streamlined tender engine built for speed; his good looks and style have made him very popular with fans of steam. Effortlessly cool, he’ll be sure to win over more fans at the Great Railway Show.


Axel is based off of an NMBS/SNCB Type 12. One of these locomotives is preserved.


Axel is painted red with black and yellow lining, the same colour scheme as the Belgian flag.


Television Series


Axel was also featured in a Meet the Contenders segment.

Voice Actors


  • Axel is the second French-speaking engine in the series, the first being Millie and the third being Etienne.
  • He shares Luke's whistle sound but in low pitch.
  • Axel's Take-n-Play model has a few errors:
    • His tender is backwards.
    • He has buffers at the back of his cab above the magnet.
  • His Take-n-Play prototype had Vinnie's tender repainted.
  • His name is most likely derived from a photograph of his basis taken by Axel Vermeulen.


Dock Manager:Where are you all going?!
Axel:To the Great Railway Show of course!
Dock Manager:The Great Railway Show is not here, it's happening on the Mainland! This is the Island of Sodor.
Axel:De Islônd ov... oops. Wrong stop!

- Axel tells the Dock Manager that he and the international engines are going to the Great Railway Show



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