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"Look at me, Thomas! I'm as shiny as a trumpet!"
— Percy

Best Friends is the twentieth episode of the twelfth season.


Thomas and Percy are best friends, and always love to work together. No matter the job, if they are working together, they will get the job done.

One day, Thomas and Percy are shunting at the quarry when Neville puffs up. He informs the engines that the brass band is going to play. Despite liking the brass brand, Percy is upset that he never gets to pull them. Thomas suggests that Percy goes to the wash down and look as shiny as a trumpet. That way, it'll be more likely that the Fat Controller will pick him. Percy happily puffs off. Just then, the Fat Controller arrives, and gives Thomas the job to collect the brass band after he has had a wash. Thomas is worried; Percy wanted to pull the train. Percy soon returns and is very happy. Thomas claims that he has another job, and chuffs away. Percy happily whistles, but Thomas is too worried to whistle back.

Thomas is having his shower when he sees Percy. He hides in the nearby shed, and Percy passes right by. Thomas is relieved. Soon, Thomas has collected Annie and Clarabel, but it's not the last time he sees Percy. Worried, Thomas decides to take the long way. He thinks that he'll be able to avoid Percy, but he still finds Percy. Thankfully, Duck has a goods train, so Thomas hides behind the train. Percy rolls right past. With a quick "thank you" to a puzzled Duck, Thomas continues on his journey.

But by the time Thomas reached the docks, he is late. He already feels bad enough, but after noticing that one of the players forgot his instrument, Thomas feels even worse. Now Percy will catch him, and Percy did. Percy feels betrayed, and asked Thomas why he didn't tell him because he tells him everything. Thomas tries to whistle to cheer his friend up, but it doesn't work, and Percy doesn't whistle back. Thomas feels guilty as he puffs out of the docks.

When the concert is nearly over, the Fat Controller orders Thomas to take the band back. Knowing that Percy is pulling the mail, Thomas asks if they could switch jobs. The Fat Controller agrees. Thomas rushes off to find Percy, but the concert is almost over. At last, Thomas finds Percy, but he is still upset. Thomas suggests to switch jobs, and Percy's face lights up again. When all the work is done, Thomas promises Percy that he'll always tell him everything.





  • In the US narration, after Sir Topham Hatt tells Thomas his job, he says "thank you," but he mumbles.
  • When Percy arrives at the docks, only Thomas' face is in CGI. Thomas' CGI face is not in the right position in that scene.
  • When Thomas and Percy are whistling at each other, no steam is emitted.
  • When Percy leaves the Quarry, he has no break van.
  • When Thomas hides behind Duck, he jitters.
  • Duck's face his out of scale.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Beste Freunde Best Friends
Japanese ベストフレンド Best Friend
Italian Il migliore amico The Best Friend
Chinese 最好的朋友 Best Friend
Korean 단짝친구 Best Friend
Portuguese Ótimos Amigos Great Friends
Indonesian Sahabat Friend
Finnish Parhaat ystävät The Best Friends
Polish Najlepsi Przyjaciele Best Friends
Spanish Mejores Amigos Best Friends
Croatian Najbolji prijatelji Nest Friends
Czech Nejlepší přátelé Best Friends
Slovak Najlepší priatelia Best Friends
French Les meilleurs amis The Best Friends
Thai โธมัสเพื่อนรัก Thomas is Love

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