"Here comes Gordon!"
"And here comes big strong Henry!
— Thomas and Henry
Big Strong Henry

Steve Asquith


Simon Spencer


Simon Nicholson


Michael Angelis
Michael Brandon

Air date

September 12th,
2006 (UK)
October 14th,
2006 (US)

Previous episode

Thomas and the
Shooting Star

Next episode

Sticky Toffee
Sticky Taffy Thomas

Big Strong Henry is the seventeenth episode of the tenth season.


Henry is upset when Gordon gets to help Farmer McColl, so Thomas, Emily, and Percy urge him to prove he is stronger. Unfortunately, when Henry tries to take twenty trucks of hay down Gordon's Hill he loses control and derails. While Henry is taking the hay back, the cows in Gordon's cattle trucks wander out, and Henry ingeniously leads the cows back to Farmer McColl using the trucks of hay.




  • It is possible that the field where Henry derailed is the same that James and Molly pass at the beginning of the episode, just removing the tree and putting a third track in its place.
  • This marks George's last appearance until The Great Discovery, and currently his final appearance in an episode.


  • In the US, this episode aired before Edward Strikes Out, so the audience would not know who Rocky is.
  • Gordon has Henry's whistle sound at the beginning.
  • In a deleted picture, where Gordon, Molly, and James are passing by, the snowy tree is replaced by a third track.
  • Henry's driving wheels are not moving when he arrives at Farmer McColl's Farm.
  • The narrator says Percy collected trucks of logs, but there was only one truck.
  • Gordon's puffing sound is heard when Thomas says "Here comes Gordon" but it is not heard before or after Thomas said that.
  • The narrator says that Henry pulled the trucks out of the sidings, even though they were in a mainline and he just pulled the trucks few centimetres from their original place.
  • The track where the five trucks of hay stand dead ends in the bushes.
  • The term "trucks" is accidentally used in the US version of the episode.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Danish Store Stærke Henry Big Strong Henry
Norwegian Store, Sterke Henry Big, Strong Henry
Swedish Store Starke Henry Big Strong Henry
Dutch De Groot, Sterk Henry The Big, Strong Henry
Flemish Groot Sterk Henry Big Strong Henry
German Der Große, Starke Henry The Big, Strong Henry
Brazilian Portuguese O Grande Forte Henry The Great Fort Henry
Spanish Henry El Fortachón (España) / El Grande y Fuerte Henry (Hispanoamérica) Henry the Burly (Spain) / The Big and Strong Henry (Hispanic America)
French Le Grand et Fort Henry The Big and Strong Henry
Italian Il Grande e Forte Henry The Big and Strong Henry
Hungarian Többet Ésszel Mint Erővel More Like Essay Force
Catalan Gran i Fort Henry Big Strong Henry
Malay Besar Kuat Henry Big Strong Henry
Indonesian Besar Yang Kuat Henry Big Strong Henry
Icelandic Mikil Sterki Henry Big Strong Henry
Romanian Henry Cel Mare și Puternic Henry the Great and Powerful
Polish Wielki Silny Henio Great Strong Henry
Croatian Super Jaka Hrvoje Great Strong Henry
Czech Velký Silný Henry Big Powerful Henry
Slovak Veľký Silný Henry Large Powerful Henry
Slovenian Velik Dober Henry Big Great Henry
Japanese おおきくてつよいヘンリー Big Strong Henry
Chinese 又大又强壮的亨利 Big and Strong Henry
Greek Henry ισχυρό φορτηγά (Henry Ischyró Fortigá) Henry's Powerful Trucks
Russian Большой сильный Генриа Big Strong Henry
Ukrainian Двадцять Вантажі стоги (Dvadtsyat' Vantazhi Stohy) Twenty Loads of Haystacks
Korean 헨리의 할약 Henry Plays
Thai เฮนรีผู้แข็งแกร่ง Henry is Strong

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