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Bulgy The Double-Decker Bus
  • Type: Double-Decker Bus
  • Gender: Male
  • Registration number: BLG 1

Bulgy is a road/rail double-decker bus, who was once very opposed to railways. He was turned into a henhouse after he caused a silly accident. Eventually he was given a second chance and turned into a mobile vegetable stand.


On Bank Holiday, Bulgy had to deliver passengers traveling to Duck's Branch line and the Arlesdale Railway. Bulgy always hated railways and had very left wing political views. He believed that some day railways would be ripped up and replaced by roads. He even carried posters about it and told people to join the "ANTI-RAIL" league. When Duck first met Bulgy, he threatened to scrap all railways. Oliver knew that Bulgy should not be taken seriously, but Duck felt shocked at such an idea.

Later, Oliver became concerned when another bus came to help Bulgy. The bus took Bulgy's passengers, leaving Bulgy free to steal other passengers. On the home-would rush, Duck had a very little passengers and he was soon to known why. Duck and Oliver saw Bulgy pretending to be a railway bus, they were furious. The passengers wanted to go to the Big Station, so Bulgy promised a faster way home and the lie that he accepted railway tickets. Bulgy was determined to get the passengers to the Big Station before Duck. Duck wanted to pay Bulgy out but he wasn't sure how.

On the way home, Duck set off to chase after him. Then in the distances by the bridge, Duck saw a man waving a red flag which meant danger. The line here crossed a narrow road and there was Bulgy, wedged firmly underneath the bridge. Drivers and Cars in front and behind were telling him what they though. Form time to time loosen bricks fell making Bulgy yelp. The urgent passengers were cross and realized that Bulgy had tricked them. They boarded Duck's coaches, he cautiously crossed the bridge and took the passengers home.

The Fat Controller arranged a shuttle service on Duck's Branch line and passenger would change trains at Bulgy's Bridge. Bulgy had to stay there till it was mended, but he never learnt scents. He told "whoppers" till no one would believe his destination boards and no passengers would travel in him. Eventually, he was turned into a henhouse and placed in a field besides the railway near the bridge. Whenever he told lies they did no harm, because the hens never listen to them anyway.

When Thomas and Emily were in the foundry being repaired, and there were more holiday makers than ever, as a last resort the Fat Controller decided to give Bulgy a second chance. Bulgy willingly agreed and promised to be the best bus ever, he never liked being a henhouse anyway. The next day he went to the foundry, Thomas and Emily were surprised to see him. Emily though Bulgy was going to help the new farmer, but Bulgy scoffed at this idea. Soon Bulgy was refitted inside and out, he looked smart and shiny, even James was impressed.

When Bulgy returned to his field, the hens though their old house look splendid. That night, the hens creeped aboard Bulgy and went to sleep in the luggage racks. Bulgy knew nothing and the next morning he picked up lots of passengers, they suspected nothing either. Bulgy tooted as he set off to the station. He was driving so smoothly that the hens didn't wake up. Later Bulgy overtook Trevor, and swerved to prevent crashing into the Post Van. Unfortunately, the hens woke up, the passengers panicked and Bulgy's driver lost control. The passengers were angry and covered with feathers and broken eggs.

The Fat Controller sent Bulgy to be clean, Bulgy was cross over the incident. Emily told him that the farmer still needed help to deliver his vegetables and this gave Bulgy an idea. He was given new green paintwork and a smart serving hatch. The Fat Controller agreed that Bulgy could become the Island's only vegetable stand on wheels. Bulgy liked carrying vegetables instead of chickens and passengers, they don't lay eggs and they never complained!

Bulgy was a very rude and bad-tempered double-decker bus. He cause trouble for the engines and was turned into a henhouse. After being restored, he saw the error of his ways and changed his attitude. He was given a second chance and renovated into a mobile vegetable stand. However, he has since gone back to his old livery.


Bulgy was a bad-tempered and miserable double-decker. He had no scruples and was known for telling lies. He never liked railway and was out to close them. He had very left wing political views and tried to convince passengers that railways were useless. He was turned into a henhouse when his lies were exposed. He's now living his new, happier life as a vegetable bus. But known when to tell a lie if he's in a tight jam!

Behind the Scenes


Bulgy was Radio Controlled and mainly traveled on road. He had several different facial expressions. He was given animated eyes and used Dunlop brand tyres. Several "Anti-Rail" posters were hung up on his sides. A new green model was then created for Bulgy Rides Again, besides the paintwork the only major difference was the serving hatch. Bulgy's original model is currently on display at Drayton Manor.


Bulgy received a large scale model to interact with large scale people and painted in his original red livery. It was first introduced in Season 7. The small scale model of Bulgy's driver has a moustache, however his large scale model is clean shaven.


Bulgy is based on an AEC Bridgemaster bus. Bulgy's basis is 14 feet 41½ inches high, but the sign above Bulgy's Bridge shows a clearance of 14 feet 9 inches. Meaning that either the bridge was measured incorrectly or that, if Bulgy were his proper height, he would have made it under the bridge.


Bulgy was previously painted red and cream, but after becoming a vegetable bus he was painted green and cream. He has since gone back to his old livery. In the Railway Series, he has a black face to match his radiator and has eyes on his head lamps, like Caroline.


  • Bulgy uses Dunlop brand tyres.
  • Oliver nicknamed him Bulgy and the name got permanently stuck.
  • In the UK narration, Bulgy develops lisp in the seventh season.
  • Bulgy and Diesel are apparently good friends. He gets along very well with Diesel.
  • According to a magazine article, Bulgy and Bertie are cousins. Once, Bulgy stated that Bertie was to small in size to be of any use.

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