"Bulgy's friend has come, he's red and rude too! He's taking Bulgy's passengers home, so as to leave him free to steal ours!"
— Oliver to Duck, Bulgy, Oliver the Western Engine

Bulgy's Friend is a red double-decker bus that is one of Bulgy's close friends, although he was not seen in the railway series or the television series, he did appear in the My Thomas Story LibraryBulgy, however, he appeared to be faceless.


Bulgy's friend was mentioned by Oliver as being rude, just like Bulgy, as he was trying to take Bulgy's passengers home so that Bulgy can steal Duck and Oliver's passengers.


Bulgy's friend is based on an AEC Bridgemaster bus, like Bulgy.


Bulgy's friend is painted similar to Bulgy, red and cream, though he has a light grey middle section.



  • 2003 - Bulgy (does not speak; faceless)


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