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Butch the Breakdown Vehicle
  • Type: Breakdown Vehicle
  • Gender: Male
  • Drivetrain: 6WD
  • Registration number: BRK 03

Butch is a breakdown vehicle, who works for the Sodor Heavy Recovery Unit. He is kept busy in construction areas, clearing rubble, towing broken-down or stranded vehicles, or assisting in engine rescues. He is part of the Sodor Search and Rescue Team.


When we first met Butch, he was seen towing Lorry 3 to the docks after he became overloaded with flour and broke down. Ironically, Lorry 1 and Lorry 2 had also brokendown, and Butch's driver witnessed Lorry 1 reverse straight into the sea. He was then seen working at a construction site tearing up an old branch line, coincidentally George was working there too! He was also seen at a factory where Stepney made a delivery of rock and stone.

Butch later worked at Boulder Quarry alongside Thumper, Terence and George. Unfortunately, there noisy work accidently "helped" Thumper to dislodged an enormous boulder. After the closer of Boulder Quarry, Butch found other work and kept busy in construction areas and other places. He also helped with the demolition of Tidmouth Sheds and the rebuild of Great Waterton.

Butch soon became apart of the Search and Rescue Team. When it was Thomas' turn to be Sodor's rescue engine, he had to work with Butch. At the Sodor Steamworks, Butch was fitted with a strong magnet. Unfortunately, they forgot to listen to Victor's advice about the magnet. At the Search and Rescue Centre, they had gotten in a sticky situation when two emergency call were made. Thomas and Butch found themselves stuck together and forgot how to deactivate the magnet. The pair returned to the Steamworks, where Victor managed to help them. Then Thomas and Butch set off work.

When Butch broke down he needed to be towed to the Search and Rescue Centre. When he saw Flynn, he remembered that Flynn could run on road and rails, he asked for some help. But Flynn did not want to look like a "big red wobble on wheels" in front of Butch. So he told Butch that he was on his way to an emergency and left Butch stranded. When Flynn finally plucked up the courage to work on the roads, he managed to get all of his jobs done. Then he towed Butch to the Search and Rescue Centre, so that he could be repaired.

One very foggy day, Percy set of to find the Monster of Brendam. When he explained this Toby, he replied that he wasn't a fan of the fog. Suddenly Percy saw a turning and twisting object through the fog. Toby was so scared, he raced away jingling his bell loudly. A magnet then landed on Toby's flatbed of pipes and they toppled all over the track. The mysterious object turned out to be Butch operating his magnet. Toby aplogised to Butch and Percy set off to get help.

Butch is also known as the Sodor Heavy Recovery Unit. He is very powerful, and is serious about his job and loves working especially with his engine friends. Despite his immense size, he is a kind hearted giant and always "Ready For Action!".


Butch, who serves as the Sodor Heavy Recovery Unit, is an extremely powerful breakdown truck with an immense engine. He is serious about his job and loves working, especially with his railway friends. Despite his size, Butch has a kind heart and is always ready when his service is needed.

Behind the Scenes


Butch was Radio Controlled and had six motorized wheels. In his first official appearance, he had no face. Eventually, he was given a small, stubbled face on his radiator. He had one facial expressions though the entire model era of the Television Series. He crane arm had the ability to move up and down. Butch's model is currently at display in the UK at Drayton Manor.


Butch is based on a Scammel tank recovery vehicle.


Butch is painted yellow with a navy flatbed and "Sodor Heavy Recovery Unit" written on both sides in white. Since the opening of the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre, he has the logo of said establishment on his cab doors.


  • Butch's Brio model depicts him with black stripes on the side of his cab.
  • Butch's first speaking role was in a Leap Pad book called, "Thomas the Really Useful Engine".
  • Butch was actually manufactured from parts of different Sodor vehicles, including a crane, a truck and a diesel engine.

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