"The toad, who was looking forward to a ride home, noisily agreed!"
— The narrator, Trust Thomas, third season

Callan Pond, also known as The Toad's Pond, is a small muddy pond situated near Callan on the Misty Valley Branch Line. A small cow field is also situated near the pond, but should not be confused with The Cow Field where James had his first accident.

In the third season episode, Trust Thomas, Thomas had to take James' trucks for him as he did not know that James was pretending to be ill with the help of Gordon's advice. The trucks were angry that they could not pay James out for bumping them, so they decided to play tricks on Thomas. As Thomas was nearing Callan Pond, the trucks bumped him and pushed him over the switches. Thomas could not stop them and crashed onto a small rail barge, causing it to move across the pond to the other end and it then started to sink. Luckily, Thomas was rescued by some workmen and Edward pulled Thomas away.

The pond only appeared in the third season.


  • After Thomas was rescued from the pond, the workmen were seen holding several wood planks. This is presumed that they were building a small wooden bridge across the pond.