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"Call yourself a car? You're a disgrace to the road! Find yourself a scrapyard!"
George, Lady Hatt's Birthday Party, fifth season

Caroline is a vintage car owned by a cricketer from the Elsbridge cricket club.


Caroline always refers to her driver as "Master". She does not like high speeds as they overheat her motor. She also disliked engines until Stepney brought her back on a flatbed to the Elsbridge cricket field, at which time she admitted engines had their uses (in her own words, saving "the wear and tear on a poor car's wheels").

Caroline later helped the Fat Controller to Lady Hatt's birthday, until she broke down again. She was then insulted by George, who later took the Fat Controller to Thomas until he had his own accident.


Caroline enjoys taking leisurely drives along the beautiful Sudrian countryside. She dislikes being pushed along too fast, as it will overheat her engine. She is very calm in nature and appreciates the engines. She loves the occasional picnic where she is parked for the duration. She used to think railway engines were silly, until she discovered how they can save the wear on her wheels. 


Caroline is based on a 1926 Morris Oxford Bullnose Cabriolet.


Caroline is painted red and gold with her name written on her sides in white.


Railway Series

Television series


Learning Segments:

She made an appearance in one of the activities in the PC game, Railway Adventures.

Magazine stories

Caroline also appeared in the magazine stories, Double Attraction, Fun With Friends, Parking? No Problem!, Road Ride, Slow Down, Bertie!, Slow Tow, Spotting Shapes, The Best Bridge, and The Open Top Bus.

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