This article is about the mountain coach. You may be looking for the shrimper.
"I've had to go with Lord Harry lately. He takes risks and frightens me. When I warn him, he laughs."
— Catherine telling Culdee about Lord Harry, Mountain Engines

Catherine is a mountain coach who works with Culdee on the Culdee Fell Railway.


Over the years, Catherine and Culdee have built up a strong working relationship, so he immediately knows if anything is wrong. She is very safety-conscious and was upset by Lord Harry's risk-taking when she worked with him. She is coupled in front, like other Culdee Fell Railway rolling stock, so she is responsible for warning Culdee about any dangers lying ahead of them.


Catherine helps Culdee on the mountain railway, carrying passengers and supplies up the steep mountainside. Catherine actually rides coupled in front of Culdee so she can warn him of any dangers that lay ahead.


Catherine is based on the Snowdon Mountain Railway's No. 4 coach.


Catherine is painted orange with cream window surrounds and a grey roof. In the magazines, she has white coloured window surrounds, instead of cream.



  • Catherine is the only coach on the Culdee Fell Railway to be named.
  • In the magazines, Catherine has buffers, eyelashes and lipstick and her ticket box is missing.
  • Catherine's Wooden Railway toy incorrectly depicts her with the Truck's body.



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