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Collectible Railway is a merchandise range by Fisher-Price that is only sold in Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, The Philippines, The Middle East, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, South China, and Vietnam.






Rolling Stock


  • Thomas Classics (Includes Thomas, Annie, Clarabel and a blue coal truck)
  • Percy's Mail Delivery (Includes Percy, Charlie, a mail coach and a red truck with mailbags)
  • Search and Rescue (Includes Philip, red truck with blue barrel, Harold and Butch)

Track Packs

  • Straight Track Pack
  • Curved Track Pack
  • Switch Track Pack



  • The engine models are modified from the Take-n-Play range, with hook-and-loop couplers, similar to the ERTL range, but they rotate 360 degrees. This designs would later be re-used for the Adventures range on a global scale.
  • Ferdinand, Henry, prototype Emily, prototype Hiro and prototype Spencer are incorrectly depicted with Fowler tenders.
  • Edward and Henry are incorrectly depicted as 2-6-0 engines, Gordon is depicted as a 0-6-2 and Hiro, Spencer, Belle, Connor, Caitlin and Mike are given a 2-6-2 wheel arrangement.
  • For promotion, in India, the toys are sold with DVDs of Thomas and Friends Movies: Sets - Blue Mountain Mystery and Engines - King of the Railway.
  • Like his 2014 Take-n-Play model, Kevin has rail wheels.
  • Some of the rolling stock has been released in multiple different colours.
  • The 'Stanley in Space' model was based on the YouTube video "A Toy Train In Space".
  • Belle's model has blue buffers.