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Wellsworth Scrap Yards, also known as the Crocks Scrap Yard, is a small scrap yard located on Edward's Branch Line. In the Railway Series, it is located at Wellsworth. Reg is stationed here, and occasionally Trevor and Jem Cole help to move scrap.

The scrap is broken into pieces, loaded into trucks, and Edward pulls them to the Steelworks where they are melted down and used again. Trevor was sent to be scrapped here when his master deemed he was old-fashioned. Thankfully, Edward persuaded the Vicar of Wellsworth to purchase him and saved him from scrap.

It first appeared in the Railway Series book, Edward the Blue Engine.

In the television series, it appeared in the second, third, eighteenth, and nineteenth seasons, as well as Tale of the Brave.


  • A grappling crane was stationed here, but from Tale of the Brave onwards, it has been replaced by Reg.
  • The name "Crocks Scrap Yard" may come from the British slang use of the term "crock" to refer to a wrecked or worn-out item.