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Down at the Station is a series of informative segments featured on Thomas and Friends DVDs in the UK and in between episodes on PBS in the US. The series was also uploaded to the official Thomas and Friends YouTube Channel. They feature scenes of real railways hard at work, show what passengers do during their trip, or tell what the different people who work on the railway do.

The first segments were filmed at the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway and the Llangollen Railway.

The segments are produced by Leighton Cheal and directed by Ben Hall.

Starting in the seventeenth season, these segments have been renamed Mr. Perkins' Railway and Mr. Perkins hosts.



  • In the segment "Evening" you can see a locomotive made up to look like Thomas in a shot of the yards.


  • At the end of the original "Whistle" segment, the camera on top of the engine's roof gets knocked over by a tree branch. This goof was later edited out. 
  • "The End of the Line" was renamed "End of the Line" in the US, but Michael Brandon still says "The End of the Line".
  • During "Fireman", a camera crane and a cameraman are seen.
  • When the driver first uncouples the engine in "The End of the Line", the locomotive is facing away from the carriages, but in the next shot the locomotive is facing towards the carriages (its reflection is in the carriage window).