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This article is about 'the episode'. You may be looking for 'the Taiwanese DVD or the Dutch DVD'.
"Tomorrow, I'm going to be faster, shinier, and stronger than Spencer!"
— Thomas

Dream On is the third episode of the eleventh season.


To the dismay of the other engines, Spencer is visiting the Island of Sodor. Upon steaming brashly into the yard, Spencer infuriates Thomas by ordering the tank engine to shunt his coaches. Thomas is cross and determines to show that he is better than Spencer. All of Thomas' attempts to outdo Spencer fail, but when the Duke of Boxford urgently needs to return to the mainland and Spencer's fire is slow to start, Thomas gets the job of pulling the Duke to the airport.




  • This episode's title is based on the song "Dream On" by the American Hard Rock band, Aerosmith.
  • The scene of Thomas trying to go as fast as Spencer is sped up.
  • Going by production order, this is the fifth episode of the eleventh season.


  • In the scene at Tidmouth Sheds, you can see behind Thomas' eye.
  • The narrator says that the Duke and Duchess' royal crest was placed on Thomas' boiler when it was actually placed on his side-tanks.
  • When Thomas races past Emily, Emily is not coupled to her coaches.
  • The Duke says "I will miss my airplane." in the British narration, but "airplane" is an American term. He should have said "aeroplane" in the British version.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Sigue soñando Keep Dreaming
Norwegian Thomas står på Thomas Goes On
Japanese トーマスのあこがれ Thomas's Longing
Danish Drøm Videre Dream Forward
Russian Мечты Dreams
Portuguese Continue sonhando Keep Dreaming
Hungarian Thomas álmodozik Thomas is Dreaming
Romanian Visează în Continuare Dream On
Polish Marzenia Dreams
German Spencer, der Angeber Spencer, the Informer
Czech Sni dál Dream On
Slovak Sni ďalej Dream Further
Swedish Drömma går ju It's the Dream
Chinese 持续的梦 Continued Dream
Thai สเปนเซอร์จอมอวด Spencer's Wong Flourish
Dutch Spencer Supertrein Spencer Super Train

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