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"Sounds like a bell... 'tis a bell... it's MAH bell!"
— Duncan

Duncan Drops a Clanger is the sixth episode of the tenth season.


It is the day of the Mountain Village Country Fair and all of the narrow gauge engines are busy with their various deliveries. Duncan is on his way to the Transfer Yards to collect the clock tower's bell that is to be polished when he comes across a bumpy stretch of track. This is Duncan's favourite part of the railway as the bumpy track make his wheels clatter and rattle. Rheneas, going in the other direction, whistles to Duncan, telling him that he is going to be late. But Duncan's wheels are so noisy that he does not hear Rheneas' warning.

Once at the Transfer Yards, Duncan collects the bell. The bell chimes sweetly as it is lowered on his flatbed and Duncan quite admires the bell's chiming. The foreman warns Duncan that the bell is very heavy and, as the track to the polishers is long over due for repairs, he must go slowly and carefully. But Duncan is too busy enjoying the bell ringing to even listen to the foreman's warnings.

Duncan soon speeds up and the bell rings louder and louder; he likes the bell ringing even more than his wheels clattering. However, Duncan ignores warnings from Rusty, Skarloey, Mighty Mac, and Sir Handel to slow down and take care as they pass by. Suddenly, Duncan hits some very bumpy tracks and applying his brakes makes things worse. The bell tumbles off his flatbed and rolls down a hill. Now Duncan realises how wrong he was for going too fast.

However, it turns out that he had not quite lost the bell as Duncan hears a ringing - it is the clock tower's bell. Following the sound, Duncan finds the bell caught in a tree above the line. Quickly, Duncan gets under the tree and catches the bell just in time. Duncan carries on with the bell on his flatbed and goes slowly and carefully to the polishers and all the way back to the Transfer Yards. Later, when the clock tower's bell chimes for the opening of the Country Fair, Duncan is very happy indeed.




  • The ground shakes when the bell rolls down the hill.
  • Mighty Mac and Sir Handel have the same whistle sound.
  • When the bell lands on Duncan's flatbed, he jumps from the impact long after it has landed.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Swedish En Klockren Miss A Bell Clean Miss
Norwegian Duncan og Klokken Duncan and the Bell
Danish Duncan Klokker i Det Duncan in the Bell
Portuguese Duncan em Apuros Duncan in Trouble
Spanish Duncan en Problemas / Duncan Suena Metálico Duncan in Trouble / Duncan Sounds Metallic
French Le Perdu Cloche de Duncan / Duncan Gouttes un Clanger (Québec) Duncan's Lost Bell / Duncan Drops a Clanger (Canada)
Dutch Duncan Werkt Tegen de Klok Duncan is Working Against the Clock
German Duncan Liebt Das Lout Duncan Loves It Loud
Finnish Tauno Ajaa Kello Duncan Drives the Clock
Italian Duncan fa una Gaffe Duncan Makes a Mistake
Catalan Duncan Deixa Caure una Clanger Duncan Drops a Clanger
Hungarian Kaland a Haranggal Adventure of the Bell
Romanian Duncan Scapă un Clopot Duncan Deliver a Bell
Polish Damian Gubi Dzwon Duncan's Lost Bell
Croatian Duncan Kapi Clanger Duncan Drops a Clanger
Czech Duncanova Chyba Duncan's Mistake
Slovak Duncanova chyba Duncan's Mistake
Japanese ダンカンとかねのねいろ Duncan's Tone and Bell
Chinese 邓肯犯了不该犯的大错 Duncan Should Not Have Committed a Blunder
Korean 조심해, 던컨 Be Careful, Duncan
Greek το χαμένο κουδούνι (To Chaméno Koudoúni) The Lost Bell
Russian утраченный колокол (Utrachennyy Kolokol) The Lost Bell
Thai เสียงดังของดันแคน Duncan's Voice

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