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"I'll show that smelly diesel and those lazy steamers!"
— Duncan

Dunkin Duncan is the twenty-fourth episode of the sixth season.


Rusty, Rheneas, and Skarloey are sent to the incline railway to help Duncan with an important job. Rusty hopes that Duncan would stay out of trouble, but Duncan is impatient and behaves rudely towards the others. Skarloey and Rheneas do not like Duncan telling them what to do.

Duncan wants everyone to work faster, but Rusty and Rheneas tell him that they are proper engines and that they follow the rules. Duncan still tells them to work faster, so he shows the others how fast a useful engine can work by biffing one slate truck after another. Rusty warns Duncan that slate trucks would pay him back for being biffed. The engines see that Duncan will not listen, so they chuff away from the incline with their trucks of slate. Duncan pushes the trucks around and, while shunting some empties at the incline, gets his coupling tangled with a truck. The winch hauls the trucks and Duncan up the slope.

Rusty arrives in time to see everything, and Duncan's weight is too much for the winch and a coupling breaks, making Duncan run down the hill into the swamp. After Duncan is pulled out, the Fat Controller reprimands him for being an irresponsible engine, that his impatience has caused confusion and delay and demands that Duncan apologises to the other engines. Duncan apologises to the engines and the Fat Controller makes him work at the mines as punishment until he learns to be patient and careful.




  • CGI smoke is used after Duncan falls into the swamp.
  • From this episode onwards, Skarloey is lacking the gold stripe around the top of his funnel and his buffers are black.
  • In both the US & UK dubs when Duncan screams "HELP!" it's the same recording of Diesel's voice used from The World's Strongest Engine.
  • After the coupling breaks in the US narration, there is an extra line. "Duncan plummeted down the incline."
  • This is the first time the Fat Controller says, "confusion and delay", which would become his catchphrase starting in the New Series. However, there were five previous episode: Cranky Bugs, Oliver's Find, The World's Strongest Engine, Middle Engine and Gordon Takes a Tumble, where either the narrator or a different character says it.


  • The narrator says "Rusty, Rheneas and Skarloey chugged cheerfully through the Sodor countryside," but Rusty is a diesel and therefore cannot chug. In addition, Skarloey looked miserable and his eyes are wonky.
  • When Duncan falls into the swamp, one of the trucks splatters mud under his mouth, but seconds afterwards, the mud is all over his buffers and mouth.
  • A string can be seen moving off screen when the trucks fall in the mud.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Ongedulding Duncan Impatient Duncan
Danish Dunder til Duncan Dunder for Duncan
Norwegian Duncan Dummer Seg Ut Duncan Makes a Fool of Himself
Swedish Dunkande Duncan Dunkin Duncan
Hungarian Duncan Türelmetlen Impatient Duncan
Italian La Locomotiva Frettolosa The Hasty Engine
Romanian Morocănoscul Duncan Grumpy Duncan
Slovenian Nestrpni Francelj Impatient Duncan
Polish Niedobry Damian Bad Duncan
Slovak Neposlušný Duncan Disobedient Duncan
Czech Duncan se Koupe Duncan Bathes
Chinese 邓肯 邓肯 Duncan Duncan
Japanese どろんこダンカン Muddy Duncan
Russian Нетерпеливый Данкан Impatient Duncan
Korean 사고뭉치 덩컨 Bad Boys for Duncan
Thai ดันแคนตกบ่อโคลน Duncan Fell in the Mud
Serbian Nestrpljivi Dankan Impatient Duncan


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