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"An honest Steamie can beat a pouty puffer ANY day!"
— Percy

Edward the Great is the fourteenth episode of the eighth season.


The Duke and Duchess of Boxford are visiting and Edward is to take their luggage to their summerhouse. Spencer challenges Edward to a race and soon gets in the lead. Spencer becomes puffed up with his lead and stops to allow the Duke and Duchess to take photographs, falling asleep in the meantime. Edward, however, passes him and gets onto the summerhouse branch line and beats Spencer, who naturally is very embarrassed by his loss.




  • This is the last episode of a few things:
  • The last episode to use stock footage from the Classic Series directed by David Mitton before he died five years later after production on the eighth season ended.
  • The last time Spencer is seen with his blue-grey paintwork as starting from his next appearance onwards, his paint changes to metallic silver.
  • While the Duke and Duchess have refreshments, posters advertising RMS Titanic, RMS Olympic, and the London, Midland, and Scottish Railway are visible in the top left corner. City of Truro can also be seen on a picture inside of Spencer's coach.
  • Stock footage from Gordon and Spencer is used.
  • The concept of Spencer falling asleep and unintentionally allowing Edward to overtake him by having him win the race is similar to Aesop's fable, "The Tortoise and the Hare."
  • Going by production order, this is the eighth episode of the eighth season.
  • Donald and Douglas were going to appear in the episode, but were cut for unknown reasons.
  • A poster at Knapford reads "Alicia Botti Flower Show Grand Opening!" in the closeup of Spencer's driver.
  • In The Complete Eighth Series, some of the music was ommited at the end.


  • At the beginning, Henry has Gordon's whistle sound.
  • In the first overhead shot of Edward and Spencer racing, Spencer's steam platform is visible.
  • The narrator says that Spencer's driver rang the bell, but there is no bell in Spencer's cab.
  • Salty has a different horn sound.
  • Gordon's Hill is situated east of Wellsworth, not west.
  • In the last shot, Spencer appears to be smiling, when he should be sad.
  • When Edward is climbing Gordon's Hill, it has one more track than it normally does.
  • A rare deleted scene still shows one of the furniture truck's wheels derailed.
  • A camera shadow can be seen on Edward when he leaves Knapford station.
  • Edward's whistle is bent in the opening shot.
  • When Spencer stops, the Duke and Duchess are already out of the coach taking pictures.
  • When Spencer passes Edward at Wellsworth, Edward stops than starts again.
  • When Spencer stopped for the Duke and Duchess to take photos, his puffing is out of sync with his speed.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Edward der Große Edward the Great
Norwegian Edward den store Edward the Great
Japanese いだいなエドワード Great Edward
Italian Edward il grande Edward the Great
Spanish El Gran Edward The Great Edward
Russian Эдвард великий Edward the Great
Croatian Edo veliki Edward the Great
Hungarian A Verseny The Competition
Chinese 伟大的爱德华 Great Edward
Korean 에드워드의 승리 Edward's Victory
Portuguese Edward, o Grande Edward the Great
Swedish Edvard den store Edward the Great
Finnish Edvard Suuri Edward the Great
Danish Edward den store Edward the Great
Polish Edek Wielki Big Eddie
Romanian Edward cel Mare Edward the Great
Czech Edvard veliký Edward the Great
Slovak Veľký Eduard Edward the Great
Thai เอ็ดเวิร์ดผู้ยิ่งใหญ่ Edward the Great

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