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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from a recently released or soon to be released product. Caution is advised.

Emily in the Middle is an episode from the twenty-first season.


Emily gets stuck in the middle while helping bickering brothers, Donald and Douglas clear away snow.








  • At Brendam Docks, there are a few goofs/animation errors with these being:
    • Cranky is missing from his usual spot until the last scene of Brendam Docks.
    • Carly is absent from her gantry rails and Big Mickey also lacks his face.
    • Some of the ships at Brendam Docks are floating above the waterline.
  • When Emily, Donald and Douglas leave the docks, Douglas and Emily switch whistle sounds.
  • After Emily derails, Donald and Douglas switch voices.
  • At the docks and on Gordon's Hill, Donald and Douglas somehow turn around to face each other without a turntable.
  • After Emily's crash, she blows her whistle, but her crew were not inside her cab.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Emily queda en medio Emily Stuck in the Middle

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