"Well done Thomas! You have been a Really Useful scarecrow!"
— Farmer McColl to Thomas, Thomas Toots the Crows, sixteenth season

Farmer McColl

Farmer McColl owns a farm on Thomas' branch line. He also owns the field across the line from the farm. Toby enjoys visiting him and his animals.


Farmer McColl is known to own a loyal and friendly sheepdog named Katie, sheep, ducks, chickens, pigs, and cows, amongst other animals. He is good friends with Farmer Trotter. He relies on the Fat Controller's railway to distribute his produce. He regularly attends many of Sodor's events including country fairs where his animals go on show.


Television series


Magazine stories

Farmer McColl also appeared in the magazine story, Seal Passenger.

Voice Actors


  • In the magazines, he owns a bull named Hector.
  • His figurine is currently on display at Drayton Manor.
  • His last name has often been misspelt as "McCall."



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