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"Water off a duck's back, remember!"
— Porter

Gone Fishing is the twenty-fourth (thirteenth in Australia) episode of the seventeenth season.


One day, Harvey is loading flatbeds of machinery at Brendam Docks when Porter arrives. Porter has never seen a crane engine before and is therefore interested in Harvey. He thinks Harvey looks like a really useful engine. Then Bill and Ben arrive and see Harvey. They tease him about having a hook and ask if he is going fishing.

Harvey shrugs off the twins and their teasing, but when Porter accidentally bumps into a truck and the twins call him a "bumpy boiler," Harvey becomes a little annoyed. Porter tells Harvey to ignore the twins and let their teasing slide off him, like "water off a ducks back."

Later Harvey has loaded the flatbeds for Vicarstown. Edward is due to take them, but is delayed. Harvey suggests Bill and Ben should take them, but they claim to be needed at the claypits. Porter then suggests that Harvey should take them. Harvey is not so sure as he does not usually pull cargo. The twins then suggest he pick the flatbeds up and carry them, like fish. Porter reminds Harvey of "water off a ducks back," which changes Harvey's mind. The Fat Controller says it is an excellent idea and allows Harvey to proceed.

Harvey finds the job fun at first, but when he comes to a hill, he realises that it is a lot harder to puff up it as he expected. But after some encouragement from Thomas, he makes it to the top. However, he does not realise that he should apply his brakes and he races down the hill too fast. At the bottom is a bend and Harvey's speed and emergency braking causes the flatbeds to derail. Harvey is upset and wishes he had not taken the flatbeds.

After remembering what Bill and Ben said about using his hook, Harvey puts the flatbeds back on the rails in no time, even assuring Gordon when he stops out of concern that everything is fine and delivers the trucks to Vicarstown. He realises that he can pull trucks, which makes him very happy.

When Harvey returns to the docks, the Fat Controller has just finished his meeting with the Dock Manager. He praises Harvey and calls him a really useful engine. Harvey suggests that he can use his hook to go fishing, which causes everyone to laugh.




  • This episode marks the first of a few things for Harvey:
  • Going by production order, this is the thirteenth episode of the seventeenth season.
  • Digiguide lists this episode as Episode 5 of "Thomas & Friends: Thrills and Spills."


  • When Harvey's trucks derail, a flatbed and the brake van overlap onto the other line, but in the next scene they do not.
  • Bill and Ben sometimes swap whistle sounds.
  • When Bill and Ben first arrive at the docks, Porter can be seen whistling, but one of the twins' whistle sounds is heard.
  • When the Fat Controller says "You have proven that even a crane engine can help pull cargo," the red door behind him is open, but in the very next shot, it is closed. When the camera zooms out in the final shot of the episode, the door is open once again.
  • In the scene where Gordon puffs by while Harvey is re-railing his flatbeds and he lowers his hook, the end of the chain can be seen in the slackened part of the chain on his crane arm. The render did not extend far enough to accommodate the long chain.
  • When Thomas meets Harvey on Gordon's Hill, the line only has two tracks. However, once Harvey reaches the top of the hill, the line has three tracks.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Vissen Fishing
Japanese クレーンきかんしゃハーヴィー Harvey the Crane Engine
Norwegian Ute og fisker Out Fishing
Polish Na ryby For Fish
Czech Na rybách Fishing
Greek Για ψάρεμα For Fishing
Spanish De Pesca Gone Fishing
Hungarian Horgászmi mentem I Went Fishing
Latvian Dueti Makš Zvejot Duets Fee to Fish
Italian La Locomotiva Pescatrice The Fishing Engine
Russian Как с гуса вода Like Water Off a Duck's Back
Ukrainian Риболовля Fishing
Romanian La Pescuit At Fishing
German Harveys erste Lieferung Harvey's First Delivery
Thai ตะขอของฮาร์วี่ Harvey the Hook
Portuguese Pescaria Fishing
Korean 낚시도 잘해요 Fishing is Also Good At

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