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"Maybe teaching Percy will be fun, then he'll see I'm the biggest and the best."
— Gordon

Gordon Takes Charge is the twelfth (nineteenth in Australia) episode of the eighth season.


Percy is taking passengers for the first time in a long time. Gordon tries to teach him how to treat coaches. Things are shaky when Percy accidentally bumps the coaches, lets off steam at the wrong time, and Gordon starts showing off. In the end, Gordon tries to brake so smoothly he slips on the icy rails and runs into a snowdrift, just as Percy puffs in and gently halts. Gordon compliments Percy afterwards, but attributes it to his good teaching.




  • Thomas' large-scale model for when he interacts with The Pack is seen at the beginning.
  • Going by production order, this is the nineteenth episode of the eighth season.
  • When Percy whistles at Knapford, his whistle sounds as it sounds in Percy's New Whistle.


  • Gordon puts his brakes on but he still makes a puffing sound.
  • Bertie appears to be smiling when he is stuck in the snow.
  • In the close-up of Gordon's wheels sliding, he is already heading down the siding but in the next shot, he is heading down it again.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Danish Gordon Lærer Fra Sig Gordon Learns from Him
Norwegian Gordon Viser Seg Fram Gordon Shows Off
Swedish Gordon Ger Lektioner Gordon Gives Lessons
German Gordon Sagt, "Wo's Lang Geht?" Gordon Says, "Where to Go?"
Dutch Gordon Neemt de Leiding Gordon Takes the Lead
Spanish Gordon al Mando / Gordon el Profesor Gordon Commanding / Gordon the Teacher
Portuguese Gordon dá as Ordens Gordon Gives Orders
Italian Gordon Assume il Comando Gordon Takes Charge
Catalan Gordon es fa Càrrec Gordon Takes Charge
Flemish Gordon de Professor Gordon the Professor
Finnish Jori Opettajana Gordon Teaches
Hungarian Gordon a Példakép Gordon the Role Model
Romanian Gordon Preia Comanda Gordon Takes Command
Polish Gabryś Rządzi Gordon Governs
Croatian Gordan Preuzima Kontrolu Gordon Takes Control
Czech Gordon se Ujal Vedení Gordon Took the Lead
Slovak Gordon sa Ujal Vedenia Gordon Took the Lead
Slovenian Gordon Prevzame Gordon Takes Charge
Japanese ゴードン、せんせいになる Gordon Becomes a Teacher
Chinese 爱炫耀的高登 Pompous Gordon
Greek αναδοχής Taking Charge
Russian Гордон хвастается Gordon Brags
Korean 선생님이 된 고든 Gordon the Teacher
Thai กอร์ดอนสอนเอง Gordon Taught Himself

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