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"What's the dog's name?"
"Well, after today's events, I think I'll rename him Gremlin!
— Thomas' driver and Dowager Hatt

Gordon and the Gremlin is the sixth episode of the fifth season.


Gordon has problems with his fire, and the firelighter suggests it is due to gremlins. Thomas and Percy get excited, but James thinks it is nonsense. The engines argue about the issue until the Fat Controller arrives and informs the engines that a VIP is coming, who has heard a lot about the Fat Controller's engines. He wants them all to be really useful, but Percy worries about the gremlins in Gordon's fire. The Fat Controller warns Gordon to be on his best behaviour and lets him take the VIP.

The goods yard's turntable malfunctions with the special coach on it, making Gordon late. He makes up for lost time and manages to get to Kirk Ronan on time. Thomas arrives with the special passenger and Gordon takes her to Wellsworth. On the way, Gordon goes at high speed, much to the passenger's disliking. At Wellsworth, the passenger's Dalmatian runs away after Gordon's loud whistle and, after confronting a bull, runs into Thomas' cab.

At Brendam, Thomas inquires about the visitor, and the Fat Controller reveals she is his mother, who then aptly renames her dog "Gremlin" after the day's events.




  • The Fultan Ferry from TUGS appears at Brendam Docks. This was its first and only appearance.
  • In some international versions, Michael Angelis' impersonation of Gremlin ("ah-woof-woof") is used right at the very end of the story.


  • The fireman was actually the one who found the gremlins.
  • In the first scene of Tidmouth Sheds, James' tender is tilted.
  • When the Fat Controller speaks to Gordon one of his buffers is crooked.
  • When the narrator says "Gordon puffed away with his special coach" there's really two, but there was only one on the turntable.
  • When Gordon leaves Kirk Ronan, he has Duck's whistle sound.
  • In the close-up of Thomas' driver, Thomas is not pulling Annie and Clarabel.
  • When Percy puffs in with the coal trucks, the end of the set can clearly be seen behind him.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Danish Gordon og Grimlinen Gordon and the Ugly Line
Norwegian Gordon og Nissene Gordon and the Gremlins
Swedish Gordon och Nissarna Gordon and Elves
French Gordon et le Diablotin Gordon and the Gremlin
Spanish Gordon y el Duende Gordon and the Gremlin
Portuguese Gordon e a Demônio Gordon and the Gremlin
Dutch Gordon en de Kwelgeest Gordon and the Tormentor
German Die Kobolde und der Ehrengast The Goblins and the Guest of Honour
Italian Gordon e il Folletto Gordon and the Goblin
Hungarian Gordon és a Manó Gordon and the Elves
Catalan En Gordon i el Atormentador Gordon and the Tormentor
Polish Gabryś i Chochlik Gordon and the Pixie
Slovenian Gorazd in Škrat Gordon and Dwarf
Slovak Gordon a Škriatok Gordon and the Elf
Welsh Gordon a'r Gremlin Gordon and the Gremlin
Romanian Gordon şi Spiriduşii Gordon and Trolls
Russian Гордон и гремлины Gordon and Gremlins
Japanese ゴードンとおばけ Gordon and the Ghost
Chinese 高登与小精灵 Gordon and the Elf
Korean 특별한 손님 Special Guest
Greek Ο Τζόνι και τα ξωτικά Gordon and the Elves

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