This article is about 'the DVD'. You may be looking for 'the episode, the book or the Malaysian DVD'.

Happy Hiro is a Chinese DVD featuring five episodes from the fifteenth season.


Thomas tries to cheer Hiro up when he sees that he does not look very happy. Thomas is sure that he can make Hiro smile and asks Charlie to tell him a joke, but Hiro does not laugh. Hiro tells Thomas he is sad because he is missing his home. Next Thomas decides to bring Hiro to Misty Island to cheer him up. On Misty Island Thomas does not listen to what Hiro really wants to do. Afterward Thomas realises he needs to listen to what Hiro wants to make him happy. At last Thomas asks Hiro to puff quietly with him. Thomas and Hiro look out to the sea quietly and Hiro is happy. Finally, Thomas has made Hiro happy.


  1. James to the Rescue
  2. Happy Hiro
  3. Up, Up and Away!
  4. Henry's Happy Coal
  5. Let it Snow


  • On the back cover, Hiro's name is misspelled as "Hero".