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"Big, bad, strong, and solid!
That truck's name is Hector Horrid!
The troublesome trucks, Hector the Horrid!, eleventh season



  • Built: Sometime between 1936 and 1953

Hector (an acronym for "Heavily Engineered Coal Truck On Rails") is a coal hopper who is good friends with Thomas and James.


When Bill and Ben first brought Hector to the yard, he was being troublesome and kept banging into the twins. Hector, at first, was aggressive. He roared angrily at the engines to "KEEP AWAY!", giving Thomas a fright and scaring Rosie away. Thomas, determined to shunt him and having enough of the truck's behaviour, accidentally pushed him off the line, after which Hector revealed he was intimidating so he wouldn't have to carry coal, being scared of doing so. After being helped back onto the rails, Thomas showed him it was actually quite fun.

Later on, Hector helped James get through a snowstorm from The Shunting Yard to Great Waterton after James ignored his previous advice and some of the trucks got stuck in a snowdrift.


Hector used to be mean and aggressive to hide his fear of being filled with coal. Thanks to Thomas, he learned that there was no need to be scared and is now friendly to the engines.


Hector is based on an ICI Hopper Wagon.


Hector is painted black with "HECTOR" painted on both sides in white.


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  • According to a press release, Hector was originally going to be called "Hopper".
  • In the twelfth season, Hector gains a Spanish accent in the US narration.
  • Hector was the only truck to have an eye mechanism.



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