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"Oh, no! I've broken my lucky trucks! I'm not going anywhere without my lucky trucks!"
— Henry

Henry's Lucky Day is the eighth (fourteenth in Australia) episode of the eleventh season.


Henry is the only engine who makes all his deliveries on time; Thomas attributes Henry's good fortune to his lucky trucks. Henry is chosen to deliver some presents, so he wants to take his lucky trucks again the next morning, but discovers Edward has taken them. Henry becomes convinced that he needs the lucky trucks when he encounters icy rails, an avalanche, and split pipes in succession. Henry finally finds the lucky trucks in the forest, but he is going too fast, so he cannot stop in time and crashes into the trucks. Henry realises that there's no way to make his delivery on time but to go on his way without them. Fortunately, Henry picks up the presents which have been loaded into some different trucks, at the airport and manages to deliver on time.




  • Going by production order, this is the fourteenth episode of the eleventh season.
  • Molly's role was not featured in the first draft of the script according to SiF.


  • When Thomas and Henry are in Tidmouth Sheds, Henry's face is slightly off-centre.
  • When Henry discovers his lucky trucks are missing, the yard is empty, but in the next scene, Thomas is there.
  • In the forest, one of the trees is not covered in snow.
  • Alice is seen with the rest of the children on Maithwaite platform, but is missing in the close-up.
  • Henry' wheels slip briefly when the avalanche falls on his line.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Danish Henrys Lykkedag Henry's Lucky Day
Norwegian Henrys Lykkedag Henry's Lucky Day
Swedish Henrys Lyckodag Henry's Lucky Day
Dutch Het Geluk Gevraagd The Lucky Trucks
German Die Glückswaggons The Lucky Trucks
French Les Camions Chanceux / Les Chanceux Camions d'Henry (Québec) The Lucky Trucks / Henry's Lucky Trucks (Canada)
Spanish El Día de Suerte de Henry Henry's Lucky Day
Brazilian Portuguese O Dia de Sorte de Henry Henry's Lucky Day
Italian Il Manca Camion Fortunati The Missing Lucky Trucks
Hungarian Henry Szerencsés Napja Henry's Lucky Day
Catalan Henrys Faltens Camions Afortunats Henry's Missing Lucky Trucks
Romanian Ziua Norocoasă a lui Henry Henry's Lucky Day
Polish Szczęśliwy Dzień Henia Henry's Happy Day
Czech Henryho Šťastný Den Henry's Happy Day
Slovak Henryho Šťastný Deň Henry's Happy Day
Croatian Henrys Nedostaje Sretne Kamonia Henry's Missing Lucky Trucks
Japanese ヘンリーのこううんなかしゃ Henry's Lucky Trucks
Korean 운이 트럭 을 누락 Missing Lucky Trucks
Greek λείπει τυχεροί φορτηγά Missing Lucky Trucks
Chinese 亨利的幸运日 Henry's Lucky Day
Thai วันโชคดีของเฮนรี่ Henry's Lucky Day

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