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CGI Hiro
Hiro The Old Steam Engine
  • Number: 51
  • Gender: Male
  • Class: JNR D51
  • Designer: Hideo Shima
  • Builder: Kawasaki Heavy Industries Rolling Stock Company
  • Configuration: 2-8-2

Hiro is a Japanese tender engine. He claims to be the first steam engine to arrive on Sodor. He now visits Sodor on loan to help out with extra work. He is nicknamed "The Master of the Railway".


Hiro once lived on a faraway island. He was the strongest engine on his railway, and was famously known as the "Master of the Railway". He brought to Sodor where he worked for many years. However, he began to breakdown, and the works did not have the proper parts to repair him. Hiro was put onto a siding, where he had to wait for the parts to come from his homeland. However, the parts never came and Hiro was forgotten.

After many years, Thomas discovered Hiro after his brakes failed. Hiro was almost broken and rusty beyond repair, he lived in fear of being scrapped if he wasn't really useful. Thomas decided to help Hiro himself, but didn't tell the Fat Controller for fear Hiro would be scrapped. Eventually, Thomas had to tell his friends and they helped reassembled Hiro with various fitting parts from the Sodor Steamworks. However, Spencer became suspicious of Thomas, and tried to spy on him.

Spencer eventually scared Thomas out of Hiro's hiding place, and Hiro was rattling as fast as he could behind him. This caused Hiro to fall apart, and he lost nearly all his new parts. Spencer firmly believed that Hiro was a heap of scrap and was sure Hiro would put steam engines into shame, so he threatened to send him to the smelter's yard. Hiro was hidden away in another siding, where passing engines visited him and kept him company.

Thomas told the Fat Controller about the situation, Hiro was brought to the Sodor Steamworks, where Victor oversaw his restoration. After Hiro was restored, he helped Spencer after his accident, and worked with him and Thomas to finish the Duke and Duchess's summer house. Spencer's attitude towards Hiro change, but despite everything, Hiro became to be homesick. Several days later, after a glorious farewell celebration at the docks, the Fat Controller arranged for him to be sent back to his homeland.

Hiro came back to Sodor to help the engines with the summer holiday traffic. Hiro decided to give the engines orders when thought thinks the Fat Controller was too busy to do it himself. However, he sent Thomas, Edward and Percy to the wrong places and Hiro only succeeded in becoming "Master of the Muddle". Hiro made up his mistakes by telling the engines to go to Knapford and await orders from the Fat Controller. Hiro promised himself always to be helpful to the Fat Controller, in the right way in future.

Hiro is always ready to help out a friend in distress. Occasionally, he is sent on loan to help out on Sodor. However, Hiro tends to get homesick and is allowed back to his homeland. The other engines are willing to take care of Hiro and Thomas is keen to remind him that Sodor would always be his home too!


Hiro is a wise, kind, and gentle engine. Whenever an engine has a problem, Hiro will always be there to help. Occasionally he gets homesick.

Behind the Scenes

Hiro was introduced into the CGI era of the television series, and never received a full scale model. Hiro has only been partially modified to work on Sodor and has been scaled up to standard gauge. He has been given buffers on his front and his tender. But strangely, he has knuckle couplings instead of the standard screw-link couplings. This would make pushing and pulling physically impossible, unless a special adapter used to connect couplers.


Hiro is a Japanese National Railways Class D51 built by Kawasaki. His tender bears the number "51" in reference to his class. He runs on standard gauge track, while the real D51 engines were built for cape gauge.


Hiro is painted black with gold bands and fittings and red wheels. His name is written in black on gold nameplates on his smoke deflectors. He bears a black livery of Soviet Railway and Orient Express colours.

Hiro's "patchwork" color scheme consists of some blue, green, purple, and rust colored parts.


  • Hiro says that he is the oldest engine on the Island, but the D51 class was not built until 1936, making him much younger than most of the other steam engines on the island.

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