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"Listen to me. There is nothing wrong with that tunnel. You stuck in it, because you tried to do rock and roll. Tunnels are not dance floors, and you are not a pop star! If it happens again, I shall find way of cutting you down to size. In other words, your career is, uh... *ahem* 'on the line.' Need I say more?"
— Sir Topham Hatt scolding Duncan

Home at Last is the ninth episode of the fourth season. It first aired on the Shining Time Station spin-off, Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales episode, Wish You Were Here  in 1996 in the US.


Skarloey returns home after being repaired, he is met by Rusty, who has helped him to the works. Rusty explains to Skarloey that he helps to mend the line and does odd jobs. Rusty then brings Skarloey back home.

Peter Sam is now sad, despite his accident with the slate trucks and his cracked funnel, wants to start work again. The Fat Controller doesn't let him and brings a surprise for him, which turns out to be Skarloey. Peter Sam welcomes Skarloey back home and tells him of a rude, rough, rocking and rolling engine called Duncan who had arrived to the railway. Skarloey's driver had discovered minutes later, that Duncan has just gotten stuck in Rheneas Tunnel.

Skarloey enjoys the journey and arrives to find a very cross Duncan at the very end of the tunnel, who complains about the tunnel to his driver, who is cross of him doing Rock 'n' Roll in the tunnel. After leaving some workmen behind to fix the tunnel, he helps Duncan home.

That evening, the Fat Controller reprimands Duncan and explains that the tunnel has never had problems, and threatens to 'cut him down to size' should he misbehave again. The Fat Controller is only joking but the threat is enough to make Duncan behave better.





  • When Skarloey says "I understand," his face moves.
  • When Skarloey puffs out of Crovan's Gate, his wheels are moving faster than he is and he has Duncan's whistle sound.
  • When Skarloey starts away with the works train, he is missing his eyebrows.
  • When Skarloey pushes behind Duncan's train, he has Duke's whistle sound.
  • As Skarloey comes up behind Duncan's train, there is a spot of light above the carriage in the tunnel.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Por fin en Casa Finally at Home
Norwegian Endelig hjemme Finally Home
German Endlich zu Hause Finally Home
Japanese なつかしのわがや My Sweet Old Home
Dutch Eindelijk Thuis Finally Home
Russian Наконец дома Finally Home
Ukrainian Нарештi вдома Finally Home
Slovenian Spet doma Again at Home
Hungarian Végre otthon Finally Home
Finnish Oma Koti Kullan Kallis Home Sweet Home
Italian Finalmente a Casa Finally Home
Welsh Gartref a'r Diwedd Home at Last
Chinese 终于到家了 Finally Home
Romanian Acasă în Sfârşit Finally at Home
Slovak Konečne doma Finally at Home
Swedish Äntligen Hemma Finally Home
Polish Nareszcie w Domu Finally in the House
Cantonese 終於到家了 Finally Home
Danish Endelig hjemme Finally Home
Greek Αρχική επιτέλους Home at Last
Thai ดันแคนติดอุโมงค์ Duncan Caught the Tunnel

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