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"Who holds the old record?"
"I do!
— Thomas and Gordon

It's Good to be Gordon is the ninth episode of the tenth season.


The Fat Controller tells Gordon that if he is on time with the express and back he will have set a new record. Gordon is happy, but when he takes on Henry's special coal by mistake he leaves with it thinking it would help him with his record. Henry has to use regular coal, and his firebox does not cope. Gordon soon finds out from Thomas and after seeing Henry looking sick he feels so guilty he stops meters outside Knapford and goes back to tell Henry about what he did. Henry forgives him and the two big engines swap tenders under Gordon's suggestion. Gordon is late, but cheers up when Thomas reminds him that he is still the current record-holder.




  • This is the last of a few things for drivers:
  • This is the first episode to claim that Henry needs special coal after his accident and rebuild. And even if Henry did need special coal, it would be so he could make enough steam. Normal coal was never known to clog his firebox. It is a continuity error.
  • The first episode to have two engines switch their tenders.


  • Gordon's eyes are wonky in some scenes.
  • When Henry says "The workmen are waiting! The workmen are waiting!" his siderods are going slower than Henry's accurate speed.
  • The narrator said that Henry's engine didn't like the ordinary coal, but Henry IS the engine.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Det er godt å være Gordon It's Good to be Gordon
Polish Jak Dobrze być Gabrysia How Good to be Gordon
Japanese ゴードンでよかった It's Good to be Gordon
German Es macht Spaß, Gordon zu sein It's Fun to be Gordon
Dutch Het is fijn om Gordon te zijn It's Nice to be Gordon
Danish Det er skønt at være Gordon It's Great to be Gordon
Spanish Es Bueno ser Gordon / Está Bien ser uno Mismo It's Good to be Gordon / It's Okay to be Yourself
Italian È Bello Essere Gordon It's Good to be Gordon
Portuguese É Bom Ser Gordon It's Good to be Gordon
Chinese 能当高登真好 Can Be Nice When Gordon
Korean 고든의 욕심 Greedy Gordon
Finnish Jorin Uusi Ennätys Gordon's New Record
Swedish Det är härligt att vara Gordon It's Great to be Gordon
Hungarian Az Elcserélt Szerkocsi The Changeling Tool Trolley
Romanian E Bine să fii Gordon Good to be Gordon
Czech Je fajn být Gordonem It's Nice to be Gordon
Slovak Je fajn byť Gordonom It's Nice to be Gordon
Thai ดีนะที่ได้เป็นกอร์ดอน It is Good to be Gordon

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