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"I'm Jack, the front loader. I can load, unload, and carry lots of things."
— Jack, Jack Jumps In, sixth season

Jack is a friendly and enthusiastic front loader, who works for the Sodor Construction Company.


When Jack first arrived on Sodor, he worked with the Pack to clear room for railway lines. Jack did well with Alfie - that is, until he tried to take some stone up a ledge but lost balance and tipped over. Jack learned his lesson, and redeemed himself by holding up a collapsing bridge until Thomas had passed over, at the cost of damaging his arms. Jack has since become part of the Pack.

When Jack was being careless at the warehouse, he knocked over some slate, but he didn't want to be send back to the yards and left the mess not knowing that Ned was blamed for it and was being send back to the yards, until he heard from Alfie and admited that he broke the slate and was sent back to the yards.

He, along with the rest of the Pack, helped with the restoration of Great Waterton and worked with Alfie to construct a bandstand there. Jack also helped with the restoration of Ulfstead Castle and later saved Stephen and Thomas after the tracks they were on collapsed.

In Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, He also helped build the Harwick Branch Line, along with Alfie, Oliver, Max and Monty, and later attended the branch line's opening ceremony.

In the twentieth season, he, Alfie, Oliver, Max and Monty were working on Thomas' Branch Line and he and Alfie helped cleared the branch line in Rail Under Road Bridge and Signalbox after Max and Monty dump their loads on the line.

In the twenty-first season, he assisted with the reconstruction of Tidmouth Sheds after James' accident.


Jack is brave and will not take any hassle, as seen whenever he stands up to Monty and Max when they are bullying him and Alfie. He is also kind and caring.


It is unclear what type of vehicle Jack is based on, but between the sixth and twelfth season he seemed to resemble a Nuffield tractor with an added front loader.

Since King of the Railway, Jack's basis has closely resembled an International 454 tractor. Because of this, his face shape has changed dramatically from round to rectangular.


Jack is painted red with the top half of his cab and his wheels painted cream. He has the number 11 painted in white on his sides. From King of the Railway onwards, the top half of his cab is painted grey, his back wheels are painted grey and his front wheels are painted red.


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  • In some promotional sketches of the Pack, Jack is seen with a backhoe arm and bucket. According to an SiF interview with Chris Lloyd, the arm was built, but was too problematic as it was hard to store all of the radio gear inside the model. An interview with Phil Fehrle gives a very different reason: "...if a story required Jack to be digging (using his back-hoe) and interacting with another character working at the same time, his face would be facing away from the action. For story purposes, it was important to feature the faces as much as possible; thus, the backhoe was removed."
  • Jack has had a few modifications in the television series:
    • King of the Railway:
      • He gained hydraulics.
      • His exhaust pipe became taller and gained holes on the sides.
      • He decreased in size.
      • His face changed from round to square like his basis.
      • His rear wheel cover was moved back.
      • His tyres changed tread pattern slightly.
      • The colour of his alloys also changed from cream to grey, like Alfie.
      • His roof became completely orange.
      • His number became bigger in size.
  • Nathan Clarke did an audio sample for Jack on his DAA Management Page
  • A semi-complete face mask of Jack was preserved by the Top Props preservation group.


"Spot on, Jack! You'd make a mother proud!"
"And a tank engine grateful!"

- Miss Jenny and Thomas praising Jack, A Friend in Need, sixth season