James the Red Engine is the third book of The Railway Series.


James accidentally sprays a shower of water on the Fat Controller's brand new top hat and the Fat Controller threatens to paint him blue. James is cross and doesn't take care with his his coaches causing a brake-pipe to leak, it can only be mended with a passengers' bootlace. James is shut up for several days, but redeems himself after making the most troublesome trucks behave. Gordon and Henry humiliate James with the bootlace incident, but James is honored when he is given a chance to pull the Express.



  • The book was released digitally for Apple products on May 11th, 2012.
  • The Reverend W. Awdry often stated this was his least favourite book, as, instead of being written from experience, it was published merely to meet a deadline.
  • Reginald Payne was due to illustrate James the Red Engine, but unfortunately Payne had suffered a nervous breakdown following issues in the Admiralty and could not resume his duties effectively.


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