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"Oh, the indignity!
Oh, my paintwork!
— James and Gordon
"We're the rescue engines on Sodor for the day! We're very busy engines! Stand back! Watch out! Make way!"
— James and Toby

James to the Rescue is the sixth episode of the fifteenth season.


It is James' turn to be Sodor's rescue engine. At the Search and Rescue Centre, he eagerly awaits his "call to action." Then Toby trundles in. He is also the rescue engine for the day, which annoys James. He does not think that Toby qualifies as a rescue engine as he is merely a steam tram. Just then, the Search and Rescue Centre manager approaches with news that Gordon has derailed whilst crossing the Fenland. Toby and James race off to the rescue.

Soon they arrive at the Fenland Track and see that Gordon's bogey wheels are off the rails. James wants to pull Gordon back onto the track, but Toby does not think it is a good idea and suggests they fetch Rocky. James ignores the old steam tram and is coupled up to Gordon. He pulls with all his might, but he only succeeds in pulling Gordon's driving wheels off the rails. Toby suggests again that they should fetch Rocky, but James decides he will try pushing Gordon from the back. When they had travelled around Gordon, Toby suggests that they fetch Rocky once again, but James insists that he knows what to do. So James pushes Gordon, but only succeeds in cracking the bridge beneath Gordon. Now Toby is sure it is time to fetch Rocky, but James ignores him once again - he has a plan. He reverses and charges towards Gordon, but when they collide, James is sent flying into the muddy marsh too.

James now realises that it is time to fetch Rocky. Toby is happy to help and soon he and Thomas are racing back to the Fenland with Rocky. Soon James and Gordon are back on track and the red engine finally admits that he would like Toby's help. Together, the rescue engines rescue Charlie, bring Mavis and Diesel oil, and shunt Percy to the Steamworks. Later, James thanks the Fat Controller for sending Toby to help him and admits that he is the best rescue tram on Sodor.








  • When James is trying to pull Gordon back on the track, his bogie wheels are sparking even though they are not moving.
  • The narrator says Thomas helped Toby take Rocky to Gordon and James. But when they cross the viaduct, Thomas is not even coupled to Rocky.
  • In the shots of Gordon while James and Toby are talking, the first bogie wheel of Gordon is lifted.
  • After James passes the camera after going under the bridge with the children on it, part of his face can still be seen. This is a possible animation error.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レスキューきかんしゃ ジェームス James the Rescue Engine
Norwegian James til unnsetning James to the Rescue
Polish Kuba na ratunek James to the Rescue
German Die Rettungs-Loks The Rescue Engines
French James à la Rescousse James to the Rescue
Hebrew ג'יימס יוצא להצלה James Goes for the Rescue
Spanish James al rescate James to the Rescue
Chinese 詹姆士来救援 James to the Rescue
Korean 구조 기관차, 제임스 Structure Locomotives, James
Italian James il Soccorritore James the Rescuer
Russian Джеймс идет на помощь James Comes to the Aid
Finnish Jaska Pelastus James to the Rescue
Hungarian James, a mentőmozdony James the Rescue Engine
Catalan En James al rescat James to the Rescue
Romanian James Salvatorul James the Savior
Czech Záchranář James Parademic James
Thai เจมส์แล่นไปช่วย James Cruised to Help
Portuguese James vai ao resgate James Goes to the Rescue

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