Maithwaite Quarry Mine, also known as the Abandoned Mine and the Haunted Mine, is a mine located on an old track off Thomas' Branch Line between Maithwaite and Elsbridge and near Maithwaite Forest. It appeared in the sixth season episode, Percy and the Haunted Mine and the seventh season episode, Fergus Breaks the Rules.

It was abandoned long ago, and one night whilst Percy was collecting a line of vans, some of the empty mine shafts collapsed, causing the building and chimney stack above them to sink into the ground. This led Percy to believe that the mine was haunted.

Fergus once hid near the mine after he ran away from the Smelters, where he was soon found by Thomas.

In the Thomas Saves the Day PC game, the mine is located near Tidmouth and has a cave next to it.




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