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"So I did help, but by accident as you might say!"
— Percy

Mind that Bike is the twenty-sixth episode of the fourth season. It first aired in the Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales episode, Wish You Were Here in 1996 in the US.


Tom Tipper is the local Sodor postman who takes the mail from Thomas and Percy's post trains to deliver to the residents of Sodor. He is very friendly and knows he is nothing without his trusty post van. One day, Tom is ill and when he returns he finds his The van has been replaced by a bicycle due to maintenance costs. Tom is later called away, and he carelessly props his bike against Percy's mail vans. Percy's driver does not realise this and, as Percy starts, the bike falls onto the line and is crushed under the train. Tom is dismayed as he now will have to walk to deliver the mail, but when the postmaster finds out, Tom is given a new van, to his delight. And Percy realises that he had helped, by accident!





  • Throughout the episode, Bertie has Bulgy's horn sound.
  • When Tom Tipper's van passes Bertie, his undercarriage is loose and a wire is visible. 
  • After Percy crushes the bike there's a shot of his cab, judging by the amount of space and the shape of the windows, it's really Duck's cab.
  • When Tom drives away in his new van, part of the driving mechanism is visible underneath.
  • In both narrations, the narrators change tense throughout the episode.
  • When Tom Tipper says "This is going to make me later still", he is smiling. This also happens when he props his bike up against one of Percy's mail trucks.
  • After Percy arrives at Callan when he saw the dumped bags, his cab roof was loose.
  • The hub caps on Tom Tipper's post van change from red to black throughout the episode.
  • The roof on Tom Tipper's post van change from white to black throughout the episode
  • The font on the station signs change throughout the episode.
  • When Callan is in view from the stone bridge, on Thomas' line there is a van and a brakevan in front of him.
  • Near the end of the episode when Percy arrives at Callan, Oliver can be seen on a siding. But a few seconds later, he passes Percy with a train.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Pass deg for sykkelen Beware of the Bike
German Wer bringt die Post? Who Brings the Mail?
Dutch Pas op voor de fiets Beware the Bicycle
Italian Tom Tipper il postino Tom Tipper the Postman
Swedish Tur i oturen Blessing in Disguise
Finnish Pyörät Mutkalla Wheels Kinked
Polish Uwaga Rower Note Bike!
Japanese ゆうびんやとバン A Postman and His Van
Spanish Un Favor Accidental An Accidental Favor
Czech Pozor! kolo Careful! Bike
Slovenian Pazi Na Kolo Keep an Eye on Your Bike
Danish Held i uheld A Blessing in Disguise
Russian Осторожно с велосипедом Caution with a Bicycle
Ukrainian Зважай на велосипед Consider the Bike
Hungarian A Postásbicikli The Postman's Bike
Chinese 注意自行车 Note that Bike
Greek Προσοχή στο ποδήλατο Beware the Bike
Romanian Ai Grijă la Bicicletă Watch the Bike
Brazilian Portuguese Cuidado com a Bicicleta! Take Care with the Bike!
Slovak Poštárov Bicykel The Postman's Bicycle
Thai บุรุษไปรษณีย์คนขยัน Postman's Hard Worker

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