Mr. Arkwright (played by Robert Slade) is one of the drivers on Sodor and the Fat Controller's right-hand man. He appeared between the episodes on the DVDs Team Up With Thomas and Percy and the Bandstand.


Mr. Arkwright's Special Job

Sir Topham asks Mr. Arkwright to build an engine made out of cardboard boxes for Stephen and Bridget Hatt's birthday.

It appears on the Team Up With Thomas DVD.

Mr. Arkwright Gets Ready

Mr. Arkwright is to deliver wood with Thomas all over Sodor, but first, he must prepare by making a packed lunch, putting on his uniform, and checking a map.

It appears on the Percy and the Bandstand DVD.

Mr. Perkins' Party

Mr. Arkwright was mentioned by Mr. Perkins when Mr. Perkins was preparing to give him a surprise birthday party.

It appears on the Creaky Cranky DVD.

Mr. Perkins' Winter Holiday

Mr. Arkwright was mentioned when Mr. Perkins took his place, as Edward breaks down, as Father Christmas.

It appears on the Merry Winter Wish DVD.

Mr. Perkins' One Man Band

Mr. Perkins, Mr. Arkwright, and Mr. Roberts are going to play a band song at Knapford. But due to some confusion and delay around the line, Mr. Arkwright and Mr. Roberts are going to be late.

It appears on the Thomas in Charge DVD.

Mr. Perkins' Vegetable Show

Mr. Arkwright had entered a prize cabbage in the Fruit and Vegetable Show.

It appears on the Up, Up and Away! DVD.

Mr. Perkins' Soccer Match

Mr. Arkwright was going to be the referee for a football mach between the steam engine and Diesel engine drivers, but he was feeling unwell and couldn't make it.

It appears on the Railway Mischief DVD.

Voice Actors


  • He plays the accordion in a band with fellow drivers Mr. Perkins and Mr. Roberts.
  • He was once the referee of the annual Engine Drivers Football match.


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