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This article is about the TV series character. You may be looking for the Railway Series character.
"You have caused delay and confusion!"
— Mr. Percival, Duncan's Bluff, tenth season

Mr. Peregrine Percival
"The Thin Controller"

Mr. Peregrine Percival, nicknamed "the Thin Controller" ("Narrow-Gauge Controller" in the US), is the current manager of the Skarloey and Culdee Fell Railways in the television series. In the magazines, he also runs a Cable Railway.


Mr. Percival was hired sometime between the seventh and ninth seasons to help Sir Topham Hatt manage the ever-increasing size of the railway industry on the Island of Sodor.

Mr. Percival is married to Mrs. Polly Percival and has five children.

He was one of the important visitors who attended Dowager Hatt's special tour of Sodor and then a party at Knapford. He later charged Peter Sam with the running of the Skarloey Railway whilst he attended a meeting with Sir Topham Hatt, and welcomed Luke to his railway.

He scolded Duncan for his grumpy disposition at Christmas time. He told Duncan that he had to be cheerful all day, but later realised that demand was too hard for the grumpy engine.

He later attended a meeting with Sir Topham Hatt, called for help when the Duke and Duchess of Boxford needed to get to Callan Castle and attended Sir Robert Norramby's Christmas Luncheon.

Mr. Percival appears to be acquainted with the Thin Clergyman, as he was seen boarding Thomas' train with him at Kellsthorpe, speaking to him at Vicarstown and watching the events of the Great Railway Show with him.


Mr. Percival is a tall, thin gentleman. He is usually dressed in a black suit with grey trousers, a yellow waistcoat, a black tie and a black bowler hat. He wears a pair of brown glasses.


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  • In the US, he is exclusively referred to as Mr. Percival, whereas he is known as the Thin Controller in the UK. Sir Topham Hatt (aka The Fat Controller) has the same issue.
  • Mr. Percival's Take-Along and Take-n-Play models both feature him inside of a car, whereas he has only ever been seen with a bicycle.
  • From the ninth to the eleventh seasons, the top of Mr. Percival's head was bald. However, since the cross over to CGI in the twelfth season, he has a full head of hair.
  • Mr. Percival wears similar attire, with corresponding colours, to the television series Fat Controller's clothes.
  • In the model series, Mr. Percival was often accompanied by a workman holding his bicycle.
  • In the ninth and tenth seasons, Mr. Percival's bicycle was painted black. From the eleventh season onwards, it is painted red.
  • The Thin Controller's attire and physical appearance in the 1979 annual may have been the inspiration for Mr. Percival, as they both have the same hairstyle and wear the same clothing and bowler hat.
  • Mr. Percival's CGI model was reused for the Dockyard Manager in the twelfth season episode, Henry Gets It Wrong.


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