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"Would Mrs. Kyndley, please return to the refreshment tents near track 5."
— The race announcer, The Great Race
Mrs. Kyndley

Mrs. Kitty Kyndley is an elderly lady who lives in a cottage near Hackenbeck.


She first appeared in Mrs. Kyndley's Christmas when she was bedridden after being struck by illness. She later saved Thomas from crashing into a landslide by waving her red dressing gown out of her bedroom window. In gratitude, she was given presents by Thomas, his crew, and Sir Topham Hatt, including tickets to Bournemouth to recover. She and her husband were later invited to Thomas' welcome home party in Thomas Comes Home.

In the television series, she has a daughter who was married. She also has a sister who comes to stay with her every so often. It can be assumed that she is very close to her sister because she was in tears when her sister could not come. Once, to cheer her up, Sir Topham Hatt arranged for her to visit the funfair.

Mrs. Kyndley was present at the Great Railway Show, apparently serving refreshments for the audience.


Railway Series

Television series


Magazine stories

Mrs. Kyndley also appeared in the magazine stories, Bill and BoCo, Carols on Wheels and Catch!.

Voice Actors


  • In some merchandising and books, Mrs. Kyndley is sometimes misspelt as "Mrs. Kindley" or "Mrs. Kindly".
  • Her physical appearance drastically changed in the fifth season.


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