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"Its a good thing you steamers don't use Diesel!"
— Miss Jenny to Isobella

Mud, Glorious Mud is a Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode.


The Pack is digging foundations for the new dairy farm, but one by one they start to run out of fuel and become stuck. The vehicle that was to deliver the needed fuel breaks down, so Thomas is told to deliver the fuel to Isobella at Cronk. It is then up to Isobella to deliver the fuel to the site and get the rest of the Pack up and running.




  • The title is a line from the chorus of the popular Flanders and Swann song: "The Hippopotamus." The line was previously said in A Happy Day for Percy.
  • This was the last Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode released to the public, as the rest of the series was cancelled.
  • This episode marks Isobella and Byron's last appearances to date.


  • When all the machines run out of fuel, Byron is seen smiling behind Jack.
  • During the very first shot of The Pack, the scene is sped up. But as Alfie is seen leaving, the scene suddenly slows down and reverses for a second.
  • The narrator says that water was up to Isobella's axles, but the water barely reached her tyres.
  • Despite all of the machines running out of fuel, Oliver's bucket arm moves right as the camera cuts when the narrator says "By now, the machines were out of fuel."
  • When Isobella arrives with the fuel drums, the mud on Alfie's chassis is dry but the mud on the other machines was wet.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Die Schlammschlacht The Mud Fight
Dutch Isobella Warboel Door Isobella Muddles Through

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