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"I am!"
"I am!
— Max and Monty

On Site with Thomas, originally known as The Importance of Being Patrick, is a Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode.


During the construction of the community centre, Patrick boasts that he is the most important because he is a cement mixer. This makes Jack and Alfie curious about who really is the most important. Jack asks Byron, who claims that he is, as he levels the site. Nelson tells him that he is the most important, as he is the main source of transportation. Alfie asks Oliver, who tells him that digging the foundation is the most important. Whilst Ned explains that their operators are the most important, as they are in charge of safety. Feeling confused, Jack and Alfie give up in their search.

However, when Thomas returns with his empty trucks, all the other machines are still in a commotion over it. Even Max and Monty decide to outdo each other by seeing who can collect the bigger load. Once loaded, Max and Monty speed out of the site, much to the concern of Kelly and Thomas. Racing each other side by side, Max and Monty are still arguing until they realise that Patrick is coming towards them. Patrick veers off the road, flies over the rails, and takes a splash into his own wet cement.

Miss Jenny hears about the news and scolds Max and Monty for causing a lot of trouble, especially as Thomas is covered in cement. Max and Monty explain about the commotion, only for Miss Jenny to explain that, as they are all part of a team, there is no such thing as "most important." When Jack mentions Patrick, Miss Jenny scolds her cement mixer for bragging about concrete.





  • There is a hole in Thomas' valance on his left (the viewer's right) side.
  • When Thomas leaves the foundations, his trucks disappear.
  • When Jack is unloading into Thomas at the start of the episode, he hits the truck.
  • When Patrick crashes into the cement, something blue in his cab (possibly his eye mechanism) is seen bouncing up and down.
  • The title is misleading, as the episode focuses mainly on Patrick's bragging.
  • When Thomas says "Makes my boiler ache", studio equipment can be seen reflected in his pupils.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Mit Thomas auf der Baustelle With Thomas on the Building site
Dutch Bouwen met Thomas Building with Thomas

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