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"Well done, Percy! You kept your promise, despite everything!"
— Thomas
Percy's Promise

David Mitton


Britt Allcroft

David Mitton


Reverend W. Awdry (original) Britt Allcroft David Mitton (adapted)


Michael Angelis (UK) George Carlin (US)

Air date

November 29th,
1991 (US)
September 14th, 1991 (UK) April 21st,
1992 (JPN)
February 16th, 
1993 (AUS)

Previous episode

A Scarf for Percy

Next episode

Time for Trouble

Percy's Promise is the second episode of the third season.


Thomas is busy and asks Percy to take the children home from the Vicar's Sunday School. Percy accepts, despite warnings from Harold and Edward later on, but when he leaves with Annie and Clarabel, the weather turns bad and it begins to rain heavily.

Percy battles onward, but has to pass through a flooded field and his fire goes out. The crew chops up floorboards from the brakevan and Harold thoughtfully drops hot drinks for them - unluckily landing on Percy's boiler.

Percy makes it home safely and is thanked by Thomas, the passengers, and the Fat Controller.




  • This episode is based on the story of the same name from The Railway Series book, Percy the Small Engine.
  • In the restored version, the shot of Percy arriving at Elsbridge with Annie, Clarabel and the brakevan is replaced by an extended shot of Thomas waiting for Percy.
  • In a rare picture, Edward is wearing his exhausted face instead of his concerned face when he talks to Percy at Elsbridge.
  • There are noticeable differences in the set between the original and the restored episode when the narrator says "Children love the seaside".
  • Deleted scenes from the first season of Thomas on Toby's Old Tramway are used at the beginning of the episode.
  • The Coast Guard and The Shrimpers from TUGS appear.


  • When the narrator says "the river was rising fast", it is obvious that the water for the river is coming from a pipe.
  • When Percy plunges onto the flooded tracks, water appears to come above his firebox. However, in the next shot, the water is below the buffers.
  • When Thomas is on Toby's Old Line, Clarabel is facing the wrong way. Then in the next shot, Annie is facing the wrong way.
  • Despite the fact that the water only reached Percy's footplate, he has a water line across his boiler when he meets Thomas at the end of the episode.
  • In the shot of Percy's driver and fireman, the fence behind then is submerged, however in the close-up of the fireman, the fence is completely above the water. This changes again in the shot of the driver, fireman and guard carrying the wooden planks through the water.
  • This episode should have been before Percy Takes the Plunge.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
German Percys Versprechen Percy's Promise
Norwegian Percys løfte Percy's Promise
Spanish La Promesa de Percy The Promise of Percy
Welsh Addewid Pyrsi Percy's Promise
Japanese パーシーとこうずい Percy and the Flood
Czech Perchyo slib Percy's Promise
Polish Obietnica Piotrusia Percy's Promise
Brazilian Portuguese A Promessa de Percy The Promise of Percy
Turkish Percy'nin Sözü Percy's Promise
Hungarian Percy Ígérete Percy's Promise
Italian Salvataggio Rescue
Dutch Percy's belofte Percy's Promise
Chinese 培西的承诺 Percy's Promise
Slovenian Poldijeva obljuba Percy's Promise


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