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"Well done, Percy! You kept your promise, despite everything!"
— Thomas

Percy's Promise is the second episode of the third season.


One morning, Thomas takes some children for a day out at the beach. On the way back to the station, Thomas realises that he's busy and asks Percy to take the children home from Sunday School. Percy promises to bring the children home. Later, Percy met up with Harold and then Edward, who both warn Percy that bad weather is due. Percy ignores them, but later on a heavy storm raged across the island. He went back to the station, where Annie and Clarabel were waiting. As he leaves, the weather turns bad and it begins raining. Percy battles onwards, but has to pass through a flooded paddock. As he crosses the paddock, water sloshes into his fire and he stops. Percy is left stranded up to his cab in water. The crew chop up floorboards from the brakevan and Harold thoughtfully drops hot drinks for them, unfortunately landing on Percy's boiler. Percy then battled his way through the flood and they make it safety to the next station to triumphant cheers. The Fat Controller congratulated Percy, and even Harold admitted that he could never beat Percy at being a submarine.



  • This episode is based on The Railway Series book, Percy's Promise, Percy the Small Engine.
  • In the restored version, the shot of Percy arriving at Elsbridge with Annie, Clarabel and the brakevan is replaced by an extended shot of Thomas waiting for Percy. The last shot doesn't have a freeze frame at the end.
  • There are differences between the US and UK narrations. Some differences are:
    • Some of the music in the US version and the early UK narration is absent.
    • In the US narration, the line "He set off for the beach. It was a beautiful day, but Edward was worried" is omitted.
    • The US version is missing several music cues from the time Harold tells Percy about the storm until Percy puffs through the storm with Annie and Clarabel.
    • In the UK narration, Percy says "Pah!" when he is talking to Harold, but in the US narration, he says "Huh!".
  • This episode should have come before Percy Takes the Plunge, as the events of this episode were mentioned in the other.
  • A deeleted scene seen in a Japanese commercial shows Thomas arriving at Tidmouth Hault where Percy is with a different happy face.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Thomas is on Toby's old tramway.
  • When the narrator says "the river was rising fast," it is obvious that the water for the river is coming from a pipe.
  • When Percy plunges onto the flooded tracks, water appears to come above his firebox. However, in the next shot, the water is below the buffers.
  • Why did Percy use a brakevan for the guard instead of Clarabel?
  • In a deleted picture, Percy's roof is lifted.
  • This episode should have come before Percy Takes the Plunge, as the events of this episode were mentioned in the other.
  • When the driver and fireman bring the floorboards to Percy's cab, they drag them through the water, making them wet.
  • When Thomas is on Toby's old tramway, Clarabel is facing the wrong way. Then in the next shot, Annie is facing the wrong way.
  • Despite the fact that the water only reached Percy's footplate, he has a water line across his boiler when he meets Thomas at the end of the episode.
  • When Percy says "Ugh!", his face is tilted slightly.
  • Thomas leaves Annie and Clarabel with Percy because he's busy with another train that evening, and yet, he's shown pulling different coaches at the end. Shouldn't Thomas have taken Annie and Clarabel, since they are his personal coaches, and left Percy with the other coaches if they were both taking passenger trains anyway?


"Sorry, Percy. Can't talk. I'm on high alert."
"Bad weather's due. My help's always needed. Mind how you go, Percy."
"Pah!" huffed Percy. "As long as I've got rails to run on, I can go anywhere, in any weather, anyhow. Goodbye!"

- Percy and Harold.

The Fat Controller arrived in Harold. First he thanked the men, then Percy.
"Harold told me you were a, a wizard. He says he can beat you at some things, but not at being a submarine. I don't know what you to get up to sometimes, but I do know that you're a really useful engine."
"Oh, Sir!" whispered Percy happily.

- The Fat Controller congratulates Percy.


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