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"You're a very reliable engine!"
— Dowager Hatt to Percy

Percy and the Left Luggage, retitled Percy and the Baggage in American releases, is the twentieth episode of the eleventh season.


Percy is given several jobs. Amongst them is collecting Dowager Hatt's luggage. Percy thinks collecting the luggage will be easy and does all of his other jobs first, but when Percy sees the Fat Controller's car driving away, he is at a loose end; he must choose to either collect the luggage or get the children to a party on time. Luckily, Edward kindly takes the children and Percy delivers the luggage just in time.





  • Percy takes his last load of trucks to Peel; but when he returns to deliver the lights, they have disappeared.
  • Though one is not seen, a shadow at the top of the screen reveals that there is three signals in the shot of Gordon with the express. However there is only two tracks, so the third signal is redundant. Also they are all up, so Gordon is technically passing a signal at danger.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パーシーとにもつ Percy and the Luggage
Spanish Percy y el Equipaje Olvidado Percy and the Forgotten Luggage
Norwegian Percy og bagasjen Percy and the Luggage
Finnish Pekka Jamatkatavarat Percy and the Luggage
Hungarian Percy és a poggyász Percy and the Baggage
Romanian Percy și Bagajul Uitat Percy and the Looked Baggage
Polish Piotrek i Zgubiony Bagaż Percy and the Lost Baggage
German Percy und das vergessene Gepäck Percy and the Lost Luggage
Czech Percy a zapomenutá zavazadla Percy and the Forgotten Luggage
Croatian Pero i ostavljena prtljaga Percy and the Left Luggage
Portuguese Percy e a bagagem Percy and the Baggage
Slovak Percy a zabudnutá batožina Percy and the Forgotten Luggage
Chinese 培西和行李寄存 Percy and the Luggage Storage
Thai เพอร์ซี่กับงานส่งกระเป๋า Percy with a Bag

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