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"Bust my buffers! You want to paint me?!"
— Percy

Percy and the Oil Painting is the first episode of the ninth season.


The Mayor of Sodor has invited an artist to paint the "Spirit of Sodor". The Fat Controller chooses Percy to collect him and show him around. Percy is curious to know what the "Spirit of Sodor" is and Thomas tells him that it is something special about Sodor. Full of confidence, Percy goes to Brendam Docks.

Percy collects the famous artist and takes him to Shen Valley. But, the famous artist dismisses it as being "too green", so Percy takes him to Norramby Beach. Once again, the famous artist is very negative and calls the sand "too yellow". All this negativity from the famous artist makes Percy upset deep inside his boiler.

Going about the Island, the famous artist calls the viaduct "too tall", the windmill "too round" and Knapford Station "too busy". This makes Percy very cross and Gordon thinks that the famous artist is very rude. Percy tells the famous artist that everywhere on Sodor is special including people, children, and engines. However, Percy accidentally lets off steam, blowing the famous artist's hat into the air. The famous artist wants to see the Fat Controller immediately, making Percy think that he's in trouble.

But Percy is not in trouble - the famous artist tells the Fat Controller that he is going to paint a picture of Percy; because he's honest, hard-working, and never afraid to speak his mind - he is the "Spirit of Sodor". That night at Knapford Station, Percy and the other engines see the painting for the first time and Percy is very happy to be the "Spirit of Sodor".




  • Stock footage from Too Hot for Thomas is used.
  • In the US, this episode aired before Calling All Engines! was released, so the audience would not have known about the rebuilt Tidmouth Sheds yet.
  • Starting with this episode, the title cards are read.
  • This is the first episode to be narrated by Jon Kabira in Japan as well as the new Japanese voice cast.
  • This episode marks Jeremiah Jobling and Caroline's last appearances to date.
  • In the American narration, the artist has a French accent.
  • Going by production order, this is the sixth episode of the ninth season.


  • Gordon has Henry's whistle sound at the beginning of the episode.
  • The artist is said to have bags of brushes, but he clearly only has one bag.
  • Gordon's eyes are very wonky in the first shot of Knapford.
  • The Mayor is said to pull the cord that unveils the painting, but he is missing in the close-ups.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Italian Lo Spirito di Sodor The Spirit of Sodor
Hungarian Percy és a festő Percy and the Painter
Norwegian Percy og maleriet Percy and the Painting
Spanish Percy y el óleo Percy and the Oil Painting
German Percy und der Geist von Sodor  Percy and the Spirit of Sodor
Danish Percy og kunstneren Percy and the Artist
Japanese パーシーとゆうめいながか Percy and the Famous Painter
Gaelic An Dealbh Iomraiteach The Well-Known Picture
Russian Перси и картина Percy and the Picture
Finnish Pekka ja öljymaalaus Percy and the Oil Painting
Swedish Percy och oljemålningen Percy and the Oil Painting
Polish Piotrek i obraz Percy and the Painting
Romanian Percy și Pictura în Ulei Percy and the Painting in Oil
Czech Percy a olejomalba Percy and the Oil
Slovak Percy a olejomaľba Percy and the Oil Painting
Chinese 培西和油画 Percy and the Paintings
Korean 소도어 섬의 자랑 The Island of Sodor Boasts
Thai เพอร์ซีกับสีน้ำเงิน Percy is Blue

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