Rickety is a teal troublesome truck and an exclusive-character introduced in the Wooden Railway range.


Troublesome Trucks are the rascals of the railway, who take great pleasure in causing trouble. With this truck's exclusive "rickety" motion, you'll experience first hand the tricks they play on Thomas and his engine friends.

Technical Details


Rickety is based on a 8 plank fixed-end ballast wagon.


The first and most prominent edition of Rickety is painted in a paler teal livery with white frames.


  • Learning Curve gave him his name, which essentially described his special feature.
  • The Troublesome Truck from the 2013 version of the Gold Mine Mountain set is still labelled as Rickety, despite having been redesigned with a CGI face. This may be because it was included in place of Rickety once the set was reintroduced under Fisher-Price and still shares his rocking gimmick.
  • The first prototype of the Troublesome Trucks and Sweets depicted Rickety as the Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory Troublesome Truck.
  • Rickety was also present at a Days Out with Thomas event.



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