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"What's all this about the wrong sort of coal?"
— Gordon

Saving Edward is the twenty-third episode of the ninth season.


Edward is losing a lot of steam on his journeys. When Edward is given the task of collecting produce from Brendam Docks, he tells Thomas, who is also going to the Docks to arrange Edward's goods train, not to tell the Fat Controller as he's worried about being scrapped. Thomas promises to keep Edward's problem a secret and he heads for the Docks, whilst Edward carries on slowly.

Once at the Docks, Edward tries his very best to move his goods train, but to no avail. Feeling sorry for Edward, Thomas leaves the Docks to carry out his own jobs first and, afterwards, returns to take Edward's goods train. However, when Thomas arrives at Knapford Station with the goods train, the Fat Controller is very cross. Not only is the train late, but Edward isn't the one pulling it. Thomas makes an excuse that Edward took on the wrong sort of coal, but the Fat Controller knows that Thomas is lying and gives him another job as a punishment.

Gordon is sent by the Fat Controller onto the mainline to look for Edward and finds him resting in a siding. Gordon tells Edward what Thomas told the Fat Controller. Realizing that he made the whole situation worse, Edward heads for Knapford Station and upon arrival, tells the Fat Controller about his problem. The Fat Controller reminds Thomas and Edward that honesty is the best policy, even when it's difficult.




  • Thomas lies that Edward took the wrong sort of coal, which could actually be true. There are different forms of coal that steam engines use. In Henry and the Express, for example, the engines used the wrong sort of coal, which caused Henry's smokebox to become so clogged that the door buckled.
  • The term "wrong sort of coal" could be a play on the railway term "wrong sort of snow". In the winter, some railway staff tell passengers that there are no trains because of the "wrong sort of snow" - passengers just take this as an excuse!
  • Going by production order, this is the nineteenth episode of the ninth season.


  • In the close-up of Edward's wheels, a red wire is visible.
  • In Henry and the Flagpole, the old ship had its mast removed to make a flagpole. But in this episode, the old ship still has its mast.
  • Edward says he does not have enough steam, but he seems to give off more steam than usual.
  • In the closeup of the truck saying, "What for?! What for?!" its face is on the back end.
  • Sodor's Specical Places, Brendam Docks (part 2), in a deleted scene where Edward is backing up to his trucks happy, Cranky isn't there.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Salvando a Edward / Ayudando a Edward Saving Edward / Helping Edward
Swedish Ställa upp för Edvard Standing Up for Edward
Gaelic A' Dion Eideird Protecting Edward
Hungarian Thomas Füllent Thomas' Fib
Norwegian Edward trenger hjelp Edward Needs Help
German Hilfsaktion für Edward Relief for Edward
Danish Edward i knibe Edward in Trouble
Dutch Thomas Helpt Edward Thomas Helps Edward
Japanese エドワードをすくえ Save Edward
Italian Il Salvataggio di Edward Edward's Rescue
Greek Σώστε τον Έντι Save Edward
Portuguese Salvando Edward Saving Edward
Chinese 救救艾德华 Save Edward
Korean 힘내, 에드워드! Come on, Edward!
Russian Спасая Эдварда Rescuing Edward
Romanian Salvându-o pe Edward By Saving Edward
Czech Zachraňte Edwarda Save Edward
Polish Na pomoc Edkowi Edward for Help
Slovak Zachránťe Eduarda Save Edward
Thai ช่วยเอ็ดเวิร์ด Help Edward

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