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The twenty-second season (going under the name Big World! Big Adventures![1]) of Thomas & Friends is expected to be released in 2018 on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.


Season 22 will mark the first major "reboot" of the franchise since the show switched to full CGI in the thirteenth season. The episodes will keep their eleven minute-long runtime, but will now be broken into seven minute-long stories, with an additional four minutes reserved for a variety of segments like sing-along karaoke songs, music videos or Thomas talking directly with the audience about lessons learned during a particular episode. Among many other changes, Edward and Henry will be removed from the Steam Team to make room for Nia and Rebecca, and the narrator has been replaced with Thomas talking to the audience (however, Mark Moraghan has said that he will still work on the series).

Season 22 will be set after Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie. The season will be split into two halves; the first half will see Thomas travelling around the world and visiting India, Australia, China and Africa, while the second half will take place back on the Island of Sodor. The season will also be released on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu in the fall of 2018.[2]


Flying Scotsman, RosieHiro, Salty, Porter, Philip, Hugothe International EnginesTheo, Lexi, Merlin, Hurricane, FrankieBeau, The Garratt, Ace, and The Mobile Classroom are likely to appear.

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