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"Just an observation, Mr. Oliver: snow is magical."
— Toad and Oliver

Snow Engine, retitled Oliver the Snow Engine in some American releases, is the fourteenth episode of the seventh season.


Oliver hates the snow, but Toad believes that snow is splendid. While working, they see some children building a huge snowman and Toad observes that snow is magical, though Oliver still disagrees. After he finished all his work, Oliver is upset when the Fat Controller tells him he has to take a special to a mountain village. So reluctantly, Oliver collects the special train and heads back to the village. Unfortunately, Oliver slips on some icy rails and ends up crashing into the stomach of the children's snowman. It is too late to rescue Oliver so, when the children see Oliver fast asleep the next morning, they think the snowman has grown eyes in its stomach. This gives them an idea and dress Oliver up as a snowman. When Oliver wakes up, he is amused by all the happy children and now appreciates the snow. Toad, on the other hand, has changed his mind.





  • Toad was facing in the opposite direction from Oliver, but when Oliver derails, he slides up alongside him.
  • Throughout the episode, Oliver is missing his right lamp iron.
  • When Oliver passes the level crossing before he crashes, there is no one in his cab, despite the narrator saying that Oliver's driver applied the brakes.
  • When Oliver says "Pah!" his train is missing.
  • When Oliver and Toad pass by the barely finished snowman, they pass by it twice.
  • Just before Oliver crashes into the snowman, the corner of the set is visible.
  • When Oliver arrives to his shed, there was a bodyguard next to the Fat Controller. However, the bodyguard is gone in the close-up of the Fat Controller. Then, he suddenly reappears in the next frame.
  • When Oliver is diverted onto the siding, the tracks behind him lead to a dead end in the bushes.
  • The speed of Oliver's train changes between the shot of Toad asking, "Is there a problem, Mr. Oliver?" and Oliver answering, even though it was essentially the same scene.
  • When Oliver crashes into the snowman, his eyes are covered in snow. After the snowman's head falls onto the ground, Oliver's eyes are suddenly clean.
  • The amount of snow on Oliver changes between shots throughout the episode.


  • Toad: Is there a problem, Mr. Oliver?
  • Oliver: Yes! (crashes into the buffers and the snowman) There is!
  • Toad: (sliding alongside Oliver) That could have been a little smoother...


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オリバーとゆきだるま Oliver and the Snowman
Spanish La Locomotora de Nieve The Snow Engine
Welsh Oliver y Dyn Eira Oliver the Snowman
Italian La Locomotiva di Neve The Snow Engine
Hungarian A hómozdony The Snow Engine
Chinese 雪人小火车 Snowman Train
Korean 눈사람 눈사람 Oliver the Snowman
Russian Снежный паровоз Snow Locomotive
Romanian Locomotiva de Zăpadă Locomotive of Snow
Danish Snelokomotivet Snow Engine
Slovak Snehová lokomotíva Snow Locomotive
Polish Śnieżna Lokomotywa Snow Locomotive
Swedish Snölokomotivet Snow Engine
Thai โอลิเวอร์หัวรถจักรลุยหิมะ Oliver the Snow Engine
Dutch De sneeuw locomotief The Snow Locomotive

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