The Snowdon Mountain Railway is a rack and pinion railway that climbs Mt. Snowdon near Llanberis, Wales. The railway is the basis of the Culdee Fell Railway. It is based on Victorian engineering and is unique for being the only one of its kind in Britain.


Since 1896, visitors from around the world have travelled on the Snowdon Mountain Railway. Trains scale the highest mountain in England and Wales - 1085 metres - where Snowdon boasts dramatic landscape and scenery. This unique railway is one of the most popular visitor attractions in North Wales. The summit of Snowdon is the highest mountain in England and Wales.

For more than 112 years holidaymakers and day-trippers have been appreciating the truly spectacular views they have experienced while claiming the ascent of Snowdon is a lifetime adventure. As the trains climb through the atmospheric landscape of Snowdon, passengers can absorb themselves in the rich myth, legend and history Snowdonia has to offer.


  • L.A.D.A.S. (No.1, destroyed)
  • Enid (No.2)
  • Wyddfa (No.3)
  • Snowdon (No.4)
  • Moel Siabod (No.5, not in service)
  • Padarn (No.6)
  • Ralph (No.7, not in service)
  • Eryri (No.8, not in service)
  • Ninian (No.9)
  • Yeti (No.10)
  • Peris (No.11)
  • George (No.12)
  • Railcars (Nos.21-23, scrapped)
  • Diesel Locomotive (no number, scrapped)


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